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Dec 20, 2018

#RemixWinterBreak with Screencastify

Nefertiti Dukes
Professional Development Manager

The last semester has been great! As a company, we have introduced tons of updates including the beta version of our editor, a new commenting feature, and a nifty new integration with Wakelet.

We have also spent countless hours watching you innovate on Twitter. We are always blown away by the inventive ways you all have redefined the extension. The true magic of Screencastify is present in your classrooms.

As you embark on the holiday break, the Screencastify fun doesn't have to stop. Take a look below for 5 ways to use Screencastify to stay connected with your students.

Winter Break Assignments Narrated 🔊

Student engagement over the break is so important. But, students are bound to have questions at inopportune times. A meticulous screencast that explains the assignment will help students refresh their memories whenever they decide to get working. As a bonus, you can allow commenting so that students can ask for clarification from their peers.

Winter Travel Diary ✈️

Collectively, your students will travel both near and far over the break. With Screencastify, everyone can get a sneak peek at everyone else's travels. An app smash of Google Maps and Screencastify would allow students to walk the entire class through their travels. Alternatively, students could app smash Google Slides and Screencastify to narrate over their favorite pictures from the holiday. Either app smash allows students to answer the age old question, “What did you do over break?” in a fun way.

Video Goal Setting and Progress Reports ✅

The middle of the year is the perfect time to reflect and begin anew. Encourage students to create candid Screencastify videos that acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses from the previous semester. Based on their observations, students can identify clear goals for their return. For additional accountability, you could even have students share their videos on Flipgrid.

Semester Updates 📋

The break is the perfect time to reinvest families in classroom goals and initiatives. Create a Google Slides presentation that includes the semester’s triumphs and setbacks along with opportunities for them to get involved. Adding your voice with Screencastify makes the presentation even more informative and personal.

Winter Break Work Products Reimagined 📑

Ideally, students will come back to school with a work product demonstrating what they learned over the break. Instead of having students turn in work on paper, you can have them use Screencastify. The possibilities are endless: students could explain their mathematical thinking, present an oral research paper, or film themselves completing their science projects.

There are so many ways to #remixwinterbreak with Screencastify. We can't wait to hear about your remix on Twitter.

Nefertiti Dukes
Professional Development Manager

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