translate videos into 50+ world languages

Screencastify’s AI-powered Captions in World Languages helps you make your videos more accessible and support ESL, ELL, and world language learners.

World Languages

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use video to bridge language gaps

Make your videos more accessible to students, parents, staff, or any viewer. Communicate seamlessly:

  • Create one video that can be translated into multiple languages
  • Students can more easily understand and engage with instructional content
  • Record lessons that students can watch with captions in their native language

speed up language acquisition for language learners

Captions translation helps improve content comprehension. Strengthen student skills:

  • Enable easier skills practice for ESL, ELL, and world language learners
  • Improve reading speed, fluency, vocab acquisition, and word recognition for students
  • Record lessons in a world language and turn on captions in English or that world language to promote vocab acquisition

improve communication with parents and guardians

More easily communicate with guardians when you make your content accessible to them in their native language. Build stronger relationships:

  • Create resources for parents to understand how to support their children with assignments
  • Share progress updates on how students are doing in class
  • Communicate about other school year or calendar updates

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make communication more accessible

grow the impact of your video

Make just one announcement video that can be translated into multiple languages by students, parents, and staff.

accurate AI-generated translation

Our translation is powered by AI and is highly accurate.

seamless translation

Viewers can choose the language of the captions on your video and automatically translate with just a few clicks.

supported in 50+ world languages

Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Armenian, and beyond!

join millions of screencasters today

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frequently asked questions

What plans are Captions in World Languages available on?

Captions translation is currently available in beta to all users on our Starter, Pro, and School and District plans.

Can I translate a video from a World Language into English?

Yes! You can record a video in one of our available languages and generate captions in that language, or translate the captions into English.

How do I enable captions translation?

Simply head to the Video Management Page for your video (accessible via your My Videos page) and click "Add Captions" on the right hand side. If your plan has access to the beta feature, translation will automatically be enabled for your viewers.