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Teachers in 70% of US school districts use Screencastify to improve student learning.
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Create video for any environment

Make learning more personal in your blended, hybrid, or flipped classroom with on-demand videos.

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Promote visible student success

Screencastify helps make student voices heard and thinking visible through activities like speech and language practice, comprehension exercises, and interactive slide presentations.

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A new view for assessment

Gain secure insight into students' completion of video assignments and understanding of subject matter.

Three products for your video toolbelt

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K-12's most popular and beloved screencasting tool. Quickly create and share recordings from a browser tab, webcam, or full desktop view.

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Our blazing fast, browser-based editor empowers anyone to easily create powerful and professional videos.

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Effortlessly and securely assign and collect video submissions from students, staff or anyone by creating and sending magic links.

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Built for educators.

Screencastify is the safest, simplest video creation tool for teachers and students.
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Privacy and security

Screencastify is certified COPPA, FERPA and SOPIPA compliant. We collect the minimum amount of data required to operate our software, and will never sell or rent your information.

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Seamless integrations

If you use Google Apps, Screencastify will fit beautifully into your workflow. Our integrations with Google Drive, Classroom, and Sign-On make us a perfect fit for Google classrooms.

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Features built for teachers

Simple tools help educators of any skill level accomplish more and find innovative new ways of engaging students and improve learning outcomes.

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Support and development

Our professional development and support teams consist of educators and provide tools to turn every teacher into screencasting superstars.

Real, meaningful results.

We surveyed nearly 400 teachers and asked them how Screencastify has impacted their daily lives.
Teachers report spending 11 more minutes on 1:1 student time per day after starting to use Screencastify.
97% of teachers believe that Screencastify has made them more effective in the classroom.
On average, Screencastify saves teachers 24 minutes per day on tasks like grading, class prep, PD and admin work.

🚌 Field Trip!

We stopped by Evanston Township High School in Illinois to learn more about how they're using Screencastify.
mary ann scheuer
Mary Ann Scheuer
Screencastify is one of my favorite tools! I especially love seeing how excited kids get learning how to use it
amber leonhard
Amber Leonhard
Screencastify for Chrome is going assist me in becoming more efficient & helpful to my students. @mkrupert #edtechteam
lisa johnson
Lisa Suther Johnson
Screencastify is amazing! You can be in two places at one time! Twice the impact on students.
joel brown
Joel Brown
Learning about chrome extensions to prepare for Chromebook implementation. My favorite so far is Screencastify!
adam goodman
Adam Goodman
A2: Screencastify has changed how I support students and staffs questions. no more hoping they understand my directions. #friedfan
shelby gauvin
Shelby Gauvin
Just used #Screencastify to record a video – great tool to stay connected with students and parents outside the classroom #gafefsu

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