empower your teachers with video

Screencastify is the leading video creation platform for K12 schools and districts. Easily empower teachers to create engaging, interactive video content that drives better learning outcomes.

millions of teachers & students use Screencastify to create amazing videos

videos created

provide teachers with a simple, intuitive video creation tool

K-12's most popular and beloved screencasting tool. Teachers can quickly create and share recordings from a browser tab, webcam, or full desktop view. Create better creators:

Give them the tools to record lessons for use in or out of the classroom
Let them easily edit any video: trim, crop, annotate, blur, and more to highlight key information
Help them save time by creating videos that they can re-use and by building their own video library

enable a more personalized learning experience

Meet the unique needs of every student by creating engaging video that provides context and clarity. Students also create video to enable a deeper understanding of information. Video for each student:

Record tailored feedback for students
Flip classrooms or be in two places at once by sharing pre-created videos so teachers can spend more 1-on-1 time
Add interactive questions to videos to assess student understanding of the content and improve engagement

easy deployment, management, and training

Quickly assign ten (or ten thousand) licenses from our admin console, or simply turn on domain-wide access. No matter the size of your school, you'll only need to manage one subscription. Simple management:

Roll out quickly without IT support
Leverage Screencastify University and existing resources to train your team
Get professional development support from our EdTech trainers

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Three products for your video toolbelt

Record your first video

K-12's most popular and beloved screencasting tool. Quickly create and share recordings from a browser tab, webcam, or full desktop view.

Our blazing fast, browser-based editor empowers anyone to easily create powerful and professional videos — whether recorded with Screencastify or not.

Effortlessly and securely assign and collect video submissions from students, staff or anyone from nearly any device by creating and sending magic links.

built for schools

Screencastify is the safest, simplest video creation tool for teachers and students.

privacy and security

Screencastify is certified COPPA, FERPA, and SOPPA compliant. We collect the minimum amount of data required to operate our software, and will never sell or rent your information.

Learn about privacy at Screencastify

Google integrations

If you use Google Apps, Screencastify will fit beautifully into your workflow. Our integrations with Google Drive, Classroom, and Sign-On make us a perfect fit for Google districts.

Learn about Screencastify and Google

easily measure success

Understand Screencastify adoption and engagement across your entire school or district with regular video usage reports.

on-demand and dedicated support

Get access to our team of success managers. Depending on the size of your license, a dedicated success manager will partner with you on roll out, training, and strategy.

bring video to your entire school district

Want to give your whole school or district the ability to explain, communicate, and learn with video?

frequently asked questions

Is Screencastify SOPPA Compliant?

Yes, Screencastify is SOPPA compliant. Learn more about Screencastify’s commitment to SOPPA compliance and each user’s privacy and security.

What are pricing options for districts?

Yes! Please contact our team to see how we can work with your school or district.

How do educators typically use Screencastify?

Millions of educators and students in nearly every country use Screencastify to improve learning outcomes. Visit our blog to learn much more!

How much time can Screencastify save educators?

We surveyed nearly 400 teachers and asked them how Screencastify has impacted their daily lives. Teachers report spending 11 more minutes on 1:1 student time per day after starting to use Screencastify. On average, Screencastify saves teachers 24 minutes per day on tasks like grading, class prep, PD, and admin work.