move faster and build better products with video

Streamline product collaboration by easily recording and sharing videos at every stage of the development process. Record and share designs, demos, bugs, and feedback in context.

millions of teachers & students use Screencastify to create amazing videos

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define your roadmap with more clarity and speed 

Through every step of the product planning process, Screencastify can help your team trade ideas, understand user needs, prioritize, share insights, and get aligned with more clarity and speed. Make better product decisions: 

Record walkthroughs of comps, ideas, objectives, and wireframes to keep stakeholders up-to-date and solicit feedback
Keep meetings focused on collaboration and decision making by sharing context and ideas in advance
Create prototype or spec walkthroughs that engineers can reference as they build

drive faster product execution with video 

With video, your team can build faster without sacrificing quality. Stay aligned with quick, easy feedback and update videos that help your team communicate more clearly and stay unblocked. Bring products to life more quickly: 

Eliminate unnecessary meetings and avoid misalignment by explaining desired behaviors with video
Let engineers easily record and share changes on their local environment before merging code
Speed up feedback cycles by recording detailed feedback in context, with annotations

record and share bugs more efficiently

Screencastify is the easiest and fastest way for your product team to record and share videos of bugs. Capture issues and how to reproduce them, and then share with the engineering team for quicker resolutions. Save time with easy bug reporting: 

Record bugs with voiceover to provide context needed to diagnose and resolve bugs faster
Draw annotations on your screen to point out specific parts of issues
Request videos internally or from users who are experiencing issues with Submit

show off your products to the team or customers

Keep your entire team in the loop each step of the way. With video updates, training, and demos, you can ensure that everyone has a complete view of the project before it goes live. Keep everyone up to date:

Update your clients or team on the latest designs or next phase of the roadmap
Record demos and training videos for your team before new features go live
Create engaging video demos, release notes, and marketing communications

bring your products to life faster

Screencastify is the simplest screen recording tool for product teams to create video for internal and external use.

make a walkthrough video

we help create walkthroughs, every step of the way

create simple yet powerful walkthrough and demo videos

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video with written and body language

Use your webcam only, screen only, or webcam and screen simultaneously to show yourself or a document or process. Add annotation, graphics and text to highlight key points.

edit, send, and delight

Creation is more than capturing. Make sure your video is clear and concise with simple editing tools to remove unnecessary filler. And easily share your video in nearly any channel.

video with written and body language

Analytics and comprehension checks let you see how many times a video was viewed and if there were certain parts of the video that were repeatedly viewed. You can even solicit any feedback you would like via video assignment.

frequently asked questions

How many videos can I create?

You can store up to 10 videos with Screencastify Record. We also have flexible plans for those who need more storage.

How can our customers create videos?

Anyone can install and create video with Screencastify free. You can also request a video from your customer without needing them to install Screencastify by using our Submit tool.

How do I create a GIF of my video to share?

Learn more about creating GIFs from your Screencastify videos in this blog post!