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Jul 7, 2023

Screencastify Named 2023 Common Sense Selection for Learning

Jarrod Rice
Content Lead

We’re so excited to share that we’ve been named a 2023 Common Sense Selection for Learning. The program recognizes tools that create amazing learning experiences for students. As in past years, selections are picked by an independent group of reviewers who evaluate tools with a pedagogical rubric. 

The review highlights our ease of use, near ubiquitous applicability, and reliability - all things we pride ourselves on providing to our amazing community of educators. Take a look below to see what helped us make the list.

Reinvent your classroom in seconds ⏱

As Common Sense writes in its "bottom line" — “[Screencastify] is an instructional tool that could reinvent classroom workflow, especially for classrooms in the Google ecosystem."

Getting started with any of the tools in our suite is simple. To begin recording videos for your classroom, install our free Chrome extension. To edit videos, head over to our browser-based video editor. And, creating video assignments (that require no downloads, apps, or extensions) is easy as heading to the Submit dashboard.

For any creator looking for a hand to get started, we have tons of free professional development resources housed on Screencastify University and our help page.

All-in-one video creation platform 🎬

At Screencastify, we’re all about providing a complete solution for video-based learning. That means that Screencastify can be utilized by almost anyone in a district to do just about anything.

Common Sense states, “The available tools -- recording, editing, and assigning --  strike a nice balance without going overboard or causing confusion. Making use of all three effectively could transform Screencastify into a cornerstone tool that drives everything from instruction to feedback to professional development to assessment in a classroom.”

Put simply, Screencastify allows educators to create, share, and assess. 

High-impact instructional content: Screencastify allows educators to create instructional videos that include clear annotations, webcams, and audio. To make those videos even more engaging and effective, Screencastify Edit allows users to zoom in and out, and add text (plus much more). 

When educators utilize instructional videos in the classroom, they can facilitate small group instruction, allow students to easily revisit past lessons, all while promoting student-led learning. And for instructional coaches and school leaders, creating a video can help flip meetings and facilitate professional development. 

Easily share any video: The Screencastify suite includes tons of options to help educators share their videos. Notably, all videos can be shared on the Watch Page which also allows video creators to add quick comprehension questions and see who's viewed their videos.

Instant assessment: Educators can embed questions into Screencastify videos. As students answer, responses can be analyzed by the group, individually, or question by question. This allows video creators to quickly understand what’s resonating, where they might be able to revisit concepts, and which students may require added attention. 

In addition to multiple choice questions, educators can also request videos from their students that include their screens, their webcams, or a combination of both. These video assignments might ask a student to speak in a foreign language, narrate their way through a math problem, or conduct a science experiment.

Regardless of what educators ask, Screencastify Submit allows students to demonstrate their learning while making it easy for teachers to understand student mastery. 

A powerful and reliable partner 🤝

Our goal is to provide a video solution that educators can use every day. Common Sense explains, “All of Screencastify's tools are intuitive, and clearly designed to be as such, and they're more reliable than some other competitors’.”

When you start using Screencastify, we’ll always be a click away. Your videos will be safe and sound. And, your students will have access to creating videos for any lesson. 

Create the best learning experiences 🎓

Getting started with any of our tools is completely free. Head to your dashboard and launch into video learning!

Our team of educators is around to help you make the most out of video in the classroom. Reach out, take one of courses, or peruse one of our guides anytime you’d like.

Jarrod Rice
Content Lead

Here to help every user get the most from Screencastify.