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Learn everything you need to create, edit, and share amazing instructional videos.

Free Certification Courses

Skilled Submitter

Learn the ins and out of Screencastify Submit and how you can use it to hear from your students.
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Master the Screencast

Learn the basics of Screencastify Record and some popular ways to connect with anyone, from anywhere.
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Master the Screencast, Jr.

In this class made exclusively for students, your kiddos will learn the basics of Screencastify Record.
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The Flash

Everything you need to know to start creating videos for your classroom in 10 minutes.
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Upcoming Live Training 📺

Check out the new Screencastify

Join the Professional Development team for a look at the new Screencastify. Learn how to see who has viewed your videos and add interactive questions for a complete instructional video. 
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On-Demand Training

Unlock Personalized Learning and Engagement with Video Editing!

Learn how video editing can be the key to unlocking personalized learning and student engagement in any classroom environment with Screencastify.
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How Video Makes Every Educator, Student a Better Creator

In a recent live session, Screencastify hosted representatives from Brunswick School District to discuss how video can empower educators and their students to become better creators.
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NASA and Screencastify: 'Spotlite' Video Design Challenge

Watch this recent live session to learn more about how Screencastify and NASA eClips work together for the Cloud Detectives challenge.
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Quick Tips & Tricks

Collect Video Responses in Google Classroom

With Screencastify Submit, creating a video assignment on Google Classroom takes just a few simple steps.
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Introduce Yourself and More for the New Year

Meeting a new group of students and parents this year? Use Screencastify Record to introduce yourself, your classroom, and even your expectations.
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Taking a Flipped Approach to Back to School Night

Open House or Back to School Nights are incredibly important. But, it's rare that every parent is able to make it. By recording updates, make sure that every parent is informed.
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