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boost sales, shorten cycles with video communication

Personalized messaging drives sales. The more face time your reps get, the more effective they can be. With Screencastify, creating and sharing simple video communication with clients, prospects, or your own team can increase sales and shorten sales cycles. Start your journey.

Personalize your sales outreach for better client connection
Create video libraries to streamline training/onboarding
Replace meetings and save time with actionable videos

the ultimate cheat code for any engineering team

A wall of code can be all that stands between your team and success. The easy way to collaborate, review, and communicate any bugs? Asynchronous video creation. Contextualize your feedback and streamline your team’s process from end-to-end while communicating progress more clearly with other teams. Engineer better communication.

Record stand-ups and progress updates to improve team efficiency
Deploy your team’s code more quickly
Create higher-quality demos and QA

the most visible piece of your support system

Frequently asked questions deserve easily delivered answers. Streamlining communication with video, your team can answer questions with more than text, see what the customer sees, and get to resolutions faster. Video for added support.

Record step-by-step instructions and troubleshooting to improve efficiency
Build your knowledge base video library to more quickly answer FAQs
Request video from customer to more easily see and respond to any issues

a more visual design process

Visibility is crucial to the design process. By leveraging asynchronous video to better communicate visuals, your design team’s beautiful work can be put on full display and simplify the process from conceptualization to the final draft. Design more effective processes.

Record to add context and remove ambiguity for creative decisions
Quickly create and share video for simple asynchronous collaboration
Announce new assets across your organization

promote better project management 

Poor communication can bring any project to a grinding halt. And losing context or clarity among a group of stakeholders can lead to confusion. By augmenting your project management with video, you can ensure your team is on the same page cover-to-cover. Streamline project management.

Record to add context for improved project feedback
Eliminate meetings and save time with asynchronous video updates
Annotate documents to make your recommendations more clear

bring clarity to legal documentation

When it comes to your business’s legal documentation, every word from your counsel matters. Asynchronous video is the ideal medium to clearly and securely add context or explanation for legalese as well as annotate the most important sections, so your team or clients clearly understand every word. Clarify legal discussion.

Simplify complex topics so your team and clients don’t miss a thing
Review documentation with audio explanations for added clarity
Use annotation tools to draw focus on crucial pieces

make marketing messaging more impactful

Collaboration, communication, and personal connections are hallmarks of effective marketing. Video is the quickest way to  achieve each. Whether it’s creating a more engaging customer journey or easily requesting and sharing customer testimonials, video is a marketer’s best friend for reaching a broader audience. Create marketing magic.

Personalize your company’s messaging to delight any audience
Make onboarding simple for new customers
Increase time on site with engaging visual content

move faster and build better products with video

Streamline product collaboration by easily recording and sharing videos at every stage of the development process. Record and share designs, demos, bugs, and feedback in context. Build better products, faster.

Define your roadmap with more clarity and speed
Drive faster product execution with video
Record and share bugs more efficiently 

give your team more visibility with video

Want to give your whole team or organization the ability to explain, communicate, and learn with video?

make a walkthrough video

we help create walkthroughs, every step of the way

create simple yet powerful walkthrough and demo videos

Start creating free
video with written and body language

Use your webcam only, screen only, or webcam and screen simultaneously to show yourself or a document or process. Add annotation, graphics and text to highlight key points.

edit, send, and delight

Creation is more than capturing. Make sure your video is clear and concise with simple editing tools to remove unnecessary filler. And easily share your video in nearly any channel.

video with written and body language

Analytics and comprehension checks let you see how many times a video was viewed and if there were certain parts of the video that were repeatedly viewed. You can even solicit any feedback you would like via video assignment.

frequently asked questions

How can I share video with clients or prospects?

Sharing any of your Screencastify screen recording videos with any audience you want is easy! And if you have remote workers, you can also make it easy for them to share video with your team or clients. Learn more about your permissions settings and video sharing and embedding video at our hep center.

Can I edit my videos and add branding and logo?

Yes! You can use our editor to edit video, add title pages, cut/trim video and much more! Learn more about our online video editor that works with nearly any video, not just those created with Screencastify.

Do you offer special plans for businesses? 

Contact our customer service team to see the options for partnering with Screencastify to bring video to your business or organization!