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Dec 4, 2023

NEW: Canvas Integration

Kay-Anne Reed
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Screencastify is the leading video creation platform for K-12 educators and students. And now, we’re even easier to use alongside Canvas, one of the leading learning management systems.

Screencastify is now integrated directly into Canvas so teachers can access their Screencastify video library without leaving their LMS. Teachers can easily select and embed their videos in Canvas assignments, announcements, discussions, pages, and quizzes for their students.

Teachers save time with seamless integration💡

When your tools are easily accessible in the LMS, teachers can focus more on creating great lessons and assignments than tracking down the right links to them. Our Canvas integration helps streamline teacher workflows by making it easy to embed Screencastify videos across five Canvas workflows.

Educators can now save time by accessing Screencastify video library directly in Canvas. With the new integration, it’s easy to add Screencastify videos to assignments, and students can watch Screencastify videos — all without leaving Canvas. Check out our demo video to learn about how to add Screencastify videos to assignments.

Smoother student experience 🙋

The Screencastify and Canvas integration empowers teachers to improve each students’ educational experience by providing easier access to video directly in the LMS.

In fact, the recent State of Video in the Classroom survey states that 97% of education professionals said that video is crucial to academic experience with almost 75% adding that video engages students more than simple text-based content, and that students are more likely to interact with the materials of a course when asynchronous video is used.

And viewing video is easier than ever, with students no longer needing to click any external links or navigate outside of Canvas to watch their teachers’ instructional videos, making video a seamless part of their assignment and a simpler overall experience.

Making Screencastify accessible wherever you are 🏫

Our Canvas Integration is a LMS integration built to ensure that Screencastify videos are easy-to-access from wherever teachers and students spend their time. Keep your eyes peeled for our Schoology integration and additions to our Google Classroom integration coming soon!

Getting started with our Canvas integration 🤝

Want to add Screencastify as a Canvas app for your school or district? Get in touch today to learn how you can bring the full power of unlimited Screencastify to your school or district.

We’re planning to make our Canvas integration more robust in the future, so we’d love to hear your feedback and what you’d like to see next. Reach out to support@screencastify.com with any questions or feedback. Read more on the blog!

Kay-Anne Reed
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

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