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Oct 26, 2021

Partnering to Build the Classroom of Tomorrow

Screencastify Squad

The New EdTech Classroom organization believes that flipping instruction with video helps create a much more flexible and inclusive classroom. It allows students to work at their own pace while also freeing up educators’ time to provide students with the individualized instruction that they deserve.

As the premier all-in-one video creation tool in education, we have partnered with New EdTech Classroom to help bring its mission of empowering a new workforce of technologically-minded, creative, risk-taking, future-oriented educators to life.

👩‍🏫 Made by educators for educators

Like much of the Screencastify Squad, New EdTech Classroom CEO Sam Kary and Creative Director Thom Gibson (listen to Thom's appearance on EdTech Heroes below!) are educators themselves and they also understand that 21st century teaching requires 21st century professional development. 

New EdTech Classroom’s YouTube videos and online courses offer engaging instruction so teachers can master the tech tools and instructional strategies that are necessary for designing today’s classroom. With New EdTech Classroom and Screencastify, educators can: 

  • Find new and relevant ways to teach with technology.
  • Inspire students to discover their interests and to pursue their passions.
  • Ensure students leave the classroom better prepared for the society they live in.
  • Transform classrooms through professional development.

The New EdTech Classroom features a network of educators that is over 222,000 strong!

🖥 Innovating to create present and future successes

Watch Screencastify and Sam Kary of New EdTech Classroom in our recent webinar “Why Video and Innovation are Key to Classrooms of the Future” to learn how the role of technology such as video has evolved and will continue to do so for the modern learning environments. Click here to watch now!

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