engage and assess students with Interactive Questions

Create more compelling content and gain insight into their understanding of the content by easily adding multiple choice and short answer questions to videos.

Interactive Questions

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turn any video into an assignment

Easily add custom multiple choice and short answer questions to any timestamp in your video. Test student understanding:

  • Weight questions (assign different point values to each question, including 0)
  • Set due dates for questions
  • Remove responses so you can reuse the assignment or allow students a second try

measure student understanding

Analytics of questions and answers make it easy to see how well students understand video content. Become data-driven:

  • Instantly get analytics on student comprehension
  • View answers and scores individually or across the class
  • Adjust your lessons based on what every learner needs

use questions for formative assessment

Add questions to videos to check for understanding, encourage student reflections, and more. Check in with students:

  • Add short answer questions worth zero points
  • Empower students to reflect and explain concepts in their own words
  • More easily personalize learning

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Record your first video

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Our blazing fast, browser-based editor empowers anyone to easily create powerful and professional videos — whether recorded with Screencastify or not.

Effortlessly and securely assign and collect video submissions from students, staff or anyone from nearly any device by creating and sending magic links.

add interactive questions

easy grading workflows

Highlight past due responses, sort responses by grading status to see what's left to grade, and export grades.

promote student comprehension

Add Interactive Questions anywhere in the video so you can be sure students are understanding important points.

personalize your teaching

Fully customize your questions and answers and fully understand how each student is doing.

security made simple

Rest assured that only you will see how students perform on each video you share.

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frequently asked questions

How many videos can I make with Record?

You can create up to 10 videos with Screencastify Record. We also have flexible plans for those who want to create more videos.

Can I record just a browser tab with Record?

Yes! You can also record your entire screen and embed your webcam if you choose. In addition, you can record webcam only.

Can I record a Google Slides presentation?

Yes! You can record whatever is on your computer screen.