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Nov 23, 2020

Meet the Team - Raymond 'RayQ' Quarles II

Screencastify Squad

What’s your role at Screencastify?

I'm a Customer Success Manager!

Why is Screencastify special to me?

Even before joining the Screencastify family, I used it extensively for the past three years in my previous role at Google as a Partner Training Manager. One of my responsibilities was to ensure that I provided all of Google’s Chromebook partners with effective training resources on how to sell, troubleshoot, and use Chromebooks. With our customer base expanding, I had to find a way to share my virtual training in an effective, but cost-efficient manner.

I decided to use Screencastify because it was free and it was easy to integrate. (I never wanted something that felt like you had to have an Engineering degree or be super smart to use.) Some of Google’s partners even asked for direct training on Screencastify so they could use it for their own troubleshooting, provide employee feedback, and as a tracking tool!

Screencastify was so effective for my training, Google decided to use it as the official software when recording screen content for their partners. It truly epitomized the expression, “work smarter, not harder.”

Why did you choose to work at Screencastify?

I have to fully believe in something before I can support it; how could I show value if I don’t see it myself? With Screencastify, everything makes sense. The easy integration, effective cost options, and low troubleshooting make it the best solution for screen recording, editing, and sharing.

I have close to 10 years of experience with Chromebooks and because Screencastify easily integrates into the Chromebook world, it makes for a great solution for Chromebook users. Screencastify represents a company that I want to be associated with and am happy to be. 🤗

Something we might not know?

Before transitioning my career into technology, my career passion was music. From my junior year in high school until halfway through college, I was a professional DJ for a local radio station in St. Louis, MO. I have met a fair number of celebrities over the years, so I have crazy stories to share. 🤟 🔥

What is your guilty food pleasure?

Lou Malnati’s is the greatest pizza that man has ever created, only second to Domino’s thin crust (yes, you read that right). Chicken parmigiana from Rosebud’s (Little Italy) is a favorite of mine, as well.

Favorite place in the world to live

Venice, Italy. I have visited Venice three times and if cost was not an issue, I would currently have a vacation home there. It is one of the most beautiful places on the planet from an architectural standpoint. It is filled with romance (the origination of gondola rides) and the sight of the entire “city on water” is breathtaking.

Venice is also filled with a rich history, as it was a major trading hub of Europe. (There is speculation that Venice is where the Black Plague was introduced through the boats that were docked.) All of this for a city that is no bigger than Central Park is amazing to me.

What is your advice for other Screencastify users?

In education, there are endless possibilities as to how you can incorporate Screencastify into the classroom both in-person and virtually. Let your imagination run wild with innovative ways to connect students, teachers, and learning together seamlessly.

It can be used for more than just an instructional video: narrate slides, get in-depth student understanding, share feedback on speech and performance, etc. Don't let physical distance create a gap between you and your students (or vice versa).....let Screencastify bridge the gap!

Screencastify Squad

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