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Jun 21, 2024

Go Deeper with Writing Assignment Revisions, Discourse, and Feedback using Submit

Kay-Anne Reed
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Screencastify is a powerful ally for students looking to enhance their communication and share thought processes with their teachers. With Screencastify, students can capture their screens while narrating their actions, making it ideal for demonstrating changes and revisions made to writing assignments.

Imagine this scenario: you've diligently worked on a writing assignment, refining your arguments and polishing your prose. Instead of just submitting the final document, you decide to use Screencastify to record your screen as you navigate through the revisions for your teacher. Here’s how it works:

  1. Capturing the Process: With Screencastify, you can record yourself revising your document in real-time. This includes editing sentences, restructuring paragraphs, and adding citations—all while explaining your thought process aloud.
  2. Narrating Your Edits: As you go through each revision, you can verbally articulate why you made certain changes. This narration helps your teacher understand your reasoning and the effort you've put into improving your assignment.
  3. Providing Context: Sometimes, the changes made in a document are not immediately apparent from the final draft alone. Screencastify allows you to highlight specific sections and explain the evolution of your ideas, providing valuable context to your teacher.
  4. Receiving Feedback: After recording, you can easily share the Screencastify video link with your teacher. This direct visual and verbal feedback often leads to more insightful critiques and a deeper understanding of your writing process.
  5. Enhancing Learning: Beyond just showcasing revisions, using Screencastify fosters a culture of transparency and accountability in your academic work. It demonstrates your commitment to improvement and allows you to reflect on your own writing strategies.

By leveraging Screencastify, students not only present their work more effectively but also engage in a richer dialogue with their educators. Whether in remote learning environments or traditional classrooms, tools like Screencastify bridge the gap between written assignments and meaningful, interactive feedback and discourse. So, next time you're polishing up that essay or research paper, consider giving Screencastify a try—it might just make all the difference in how your revisions are understood and appreciated!

Kay-Anne Reed
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

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