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Jul 22, 2021

Submit Brings Entire Art Community into Classroom

Jarrod Rice
Content Lead

Shannon Thacker Cregg began teaching visual arts at Medina Valley Independent School District in July 2020. So naturally she needed to hit the ground running in terms of learning and utilizing the best tools for remote and hybrid learning environments

Fortunately, when she arrived her district already provided exactly what she needed with a Screencastify license. 

Shannon leverages Screencastify Record and Edit to separately record her screen and her webcam for intros and then edit them together for complete lessons. However, it was learning about Screencastify Submit during professional development that proved particularly helpful for one of her largest projects.

🎨 Career Fairs from Anywhere

Screencastify Submit is the easiest way for teachers to request and collect videos from students. And as Shannon discovered, its use can go far beyond students and can span an entire community. 

Submit enables one-click recording for students or anyone else who receives the assignment and follows the generated “magic link”. The recipient doesn’t need to create an account, or install an extension or app, and they can use virtually any device to create their video. 

This simplicity made it the perfect tool for a large initiative — building an art and design career fair  for nearly 1,000 students that featured professionals from around the San Antonio area.

“I wanted more community involvement in my classroom, but I teach about 850 students,” Shannon said. “So if I wanted all of my students to meet an artist, that person would have to be there all day for six straight days. Sending them a Submit assignment and letting them create a video just works better and it’s easier for everyone involved.”

🎥 Helpful Asynchronous Videos at Students’ Fingertips

Each participant submitted an assigned video which allowed them to visually demonstrate their art or design career at their own convenience. And they were able to participate without the logistical hurdles of an in-person event. 

Each video from an art or design professional was compiled into a single career fair that could be viewed on-demand by each of the 850 students. By using Submit, the career fair offered views and insights that would not be possible in a on-site event:

  • Students gained exposure to multiple professional perspectives asynchronously
  • A look at different professionals in their workplace allowed students to see real-world career examples
  • Students are able to see and learn about tools that can’t be easily transported

Shannon added that she was even able to share the video recordings for use by other classes in her school district to present to their students. 

🏫 The Safe and Secure Video Solution

Screencastify Submit ensured that Shannon’s career fair was not only simple to execute, but also secure for the students and participants during the pandemic. Submit also offers digital security and privacy as the assignment creator has complete control over who is able to view the videos. 

It’s this level of security and functionality in all of Screencastify’s tools that will secure a place for video creation in Shannon’s workflow now and in the future.

Jarrod Rice
Content Lead

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