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Dec 17, 2021

9 Instructional Video Techniques that Drive Engagement

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Whether you’ve never used Screencastify or you’re already a Master Screencaster, we’ve got something for you!

Our Ultimate Student Engagement ebook (download the full ebook below!) was written by educators for educators to empower teachers, student and even families to have the best classroom experience possible with the help of video!

Get tips on driving engagement with instructional videos while also learning ways to improve family engagement and how student-created videos can improve educational outcomes.

And read on to get just a few of the amazing ideas that you’ll find inside. ⬇️

1. Share Ideas with Animated GIFs 

Once you create a short video, you can download it as a GIF. GIFs can be a great way to quickly convey information to your students. Show students how to navigate a screen or just grab their attention with a GIF of you doing something silly. Learn how to turn anything on your screen into a GIF here!

2. Add Audio to Slides 🎧

Making sure students stay engaged can sometimes be as simple as varying the ways that information is presented. Try adding an auditory component to your lesson by including narration in your Google Slides Presentation.

Use Screencastify Record and toggle on your microphone to capture the narration. Download the file as an MP3 and add it to your slides! Watch the video below to see how easily you can export the audio from any video!

3. Stations with Directions 💻

Students learn well in small groups and stations, but giving directions for each activity takes up a lot of class time. Provide students with video directions and tips on a device at each station. Now you can ensure that students understand each activity and can spend their class time fully engaged!

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4. Build Prior Knowledge 

When you teach challenging content, it can be important to build students’ prior knowledge before diving into the lessons. Use Screencastify Edit to combine multiple videos that will help students to understand new concepts.

You can even have students view these videos before a lesson and use the lesson time to answer questions and have rich class discussions. Learn more about building background knowledge here!

5. Modernize your Classroom 💡

Students are all on their own journey toward mastery. Using instructional video, you can build blended learning environments for your students.

Create differentiated learning experiences and allow students to move at their own pace. Listen to Kareem Farah of Modern Classrooms Project discuss the use of video in self-paced learning below!

6. Check for Understanding with Interactive Questions ✅

Add Interactive Questions at various points throughout your video lessons. Students will answer the questions as they progress through the video and be able to get real-time data about their performance.

You can use these questions as formal quiz data or just to get a quick look at student understanding. Learn more about our Interactive Questions below!

7. Use Blur to Create Self-Paced Trivia 

Create a presentation with questions and answers. Screen record each question, with the answer also on the screen. Once you are finished recording all of the trivia questions, use Screencastify Edit to blur the answers until the end.

Students can guess the answers and when the blur is removed, it will be revealed. Discover more ways to use the Blur tool here!

8. Create Videos with Built-In Work Time

Students need some time to try out new skills as they learn them. Create dynamic instructional videos that have built-in work time. You can use a title card to add video instructions for the work time and then extend it for as long as you’d like students to work.

You can even add text to the card with any reminders or tips for students while they’re working. Watch this video to see more!

9. Change Feedback to Coaching

Help students become a part of the feedback process. Record a video and use annotation tools to point out areas of improvement to individual students. Then, share this video with students and coach them through the process of improvement! Learn more here!

Why engagement is important 🙋

Quite simply, student engagement improves student learning outcomes. However, it’s not only students who benefit. It’s important to engage parents and families, too.

Research shows that parent engagement in schools is closely linked to better student behavior, higher academic achievement, and enhanced social skills, as stated by the CDC.

Get the ultimate guide!

Download our Teacher's Guide to Engagement ebook below to learn more about engagement, how to better engage families and how to improve engagement with student-created videos!

Read our Engagement ebook for the best tips for your classroom!

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