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Mar 9, 2021

Have Students Show What They Know With Screencastify

Screencastify Squad

By this point in the year, students have learned a ton! And, it can be hard to keep track of exactly where students are on the road to mastery. Incorporating video gives students an opportunity to show you exactly what they know.

👀 Take a peek below at some of our favorite ways to use Screencastify to learn more about student proficiency:

Have students react to personalized feedback

​There’s nothing worse than spending hours giving a student feedback with zero results. Next time, try recording your voice (and face!) over the student’s submitted work The annotation tools are a great way to focus their attention on critical details. To make it even more effective, you can use our updated editor to add text, zoom-in on important details, blur out sensitive information, or crop out anything unnecessary.​

Make small group instruction even more engaging

​Small group instruction is a great way to make learning more personal. But, it can be hard to navigate having students work independently while you focus on a teacher-led group. With Screencastify, you can record (or reshare) a mini-lesson that students can pause, replay, and rewatch independently. And, they can even record a video for you demonstrating their mastery with Screencastify Submit.​

Tie learning to real world phenomena

When students can find examples of what they’ve learned in the real world, it’s always a win! Wonderopolis provides a platform for students to find out more about the inner workings of ear buds, cats, or anything else around them. Try having students through topics that relate to prior learning. Then,kiddos can record a quick presentation about all of the cool things they’ve learned. To get the whole class in on the fun, make you sure enable social sharing on Screencastify Submit.

Assess students digitally

It may be challenging to find time to schedule 1-on-1 meetings with your students, whether remote or in-person. Make those meetings digital by having students create a Screencastify recording that demonstrates their learning. You can have them speak in a foreign language, read aloud to test their fluency, or showcase their understanding of the quadratic equation! Check out this rundown of how to make assessment digital...the easy way.

Ask students to assess their own learning

Things are really humming in a classroom when students are thinking metacognitively. And, video is a great way to challenge students to think about their own thinking. Try creating a Screencastify Submit assignment that challenges students to identify the concepts they think they’ve mastered, the ones where they need a bit more instruction, and the ones where they feel a bit behind. As the teacher, you can use those videos to create individualized tracks for each of your students.

Wrapping up the year is always hard. We hope incorporating a bit more video makes it easier for you to learn more about your students and easier for them to learn more about themselves.

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