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Jan 12, 2021

Meet the Team - Liz Flores

Screencastify Squad

Hello there 👋🏽 I’m Liz Flores, and I’m part of Success Operations at Screencastify.

What did you do before?

I was a middle and high school teacher in Mexico. 👩🏽‍🏫 The pandemic brought a lot of challenges to all of us. Particularly in education, it has been a hustle and bustle (I’m sure you agree!). Whether you included technology before or not, we were pushed in that direction, and I enjoyed it. Actually, one of the tools that I used the most was Screencastify.

As a teacher, how did you use Screencastify?

I used it to share videos and media with my students. Not only that, but I included introductions to help them focus on certain aspects of the video that they were about to watch. If you want to do the same with the videos you are sharing with your kids, here is how to do it. 😎

Also, if your school has blocked Youtube for safety reasons, that tutorial will come in handy!

How did you transition from teaching to working in Screencastify?

One day, when preparing a training session for a group of teachers, I came across the “We are hiring” announcement on Screencastify’s webpage. I had to give it a go, and it was the best decision ever. I enjoy working here - not only is the team and the company’s culture inclusive and fun, but I really believe that Screencastify is a powerful tool for teachers.

🐕 or 🐈?

I’ve had both: two cats and three dogs. My husband and I currently have one dog, she is a Shiba named Matilda, and we love her 😍 .

Name a movie you’ve watched more than five times.

Do Harry Potter movies count as one? 🧙🏽

How do you spend a typical afternoon with your family or friends?

It usually involves food followed by some coffee. Then, we play board-games for the rest of the day. Snacks, music, and games. That’s my perfect combo. We used to play Rockband or Wii Party. If you ever need an extra player for a game night, let me know ✋!

What is one of the things that you like the most about working at Screencastify?

I joined Screencastify during this pandemic, and we haven’t been able to meet in person. One would think that meeting your coworkers online would be awkward, but it hasn’t been! Since day one, I’ve felt welcomed and included in the company’s dynamic. Everyone has been kind and ready to help me out.

Any words of wisdom for all the Screencastifiers out here?

As a former teacher, I know that you are preparing videos and other materials during your free time, so my advice is that you also save some time to take care of yourself. Get your nails done, go to therapy, take a nap, go for a run… Treat yourself! Your mental health is a priority. Your kids will benefit from your well being ✌️😌✌

Oh, there’s more?

Yes, there is! So, remember how I said I like games? Here is an Escape Room for you to try. 🕵️‍♀️ If you are up for a challenge, watch this video. Ready to submit your answer? Click here.

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