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Less typing, more doing.

Watch comprehension and engagement skyrocket when you send people videos instead of long, cumbersome emails.

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Spend less time in meetings.

Many meetings can be replaced with a video. That way, participants can consume content and respond on their own time. Say goodbye to calendar Tetris.

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Make your message enduring.

Stop repeating yourself again and again. Live interactions are fleeting, but videos are forever.

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I've cut down on meetings by probably 50% since I started making videos with Screencastify. It's so easy to create quick videos, and my team loves watching them.

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Jennifer S.
Director of Product Marketing

A productivity boost for everyone.

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Record product demos and create personal intro videos to prospect more effectively and reduce sales cycles.

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Capture user research and provide better Q/A for your engineering team.

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Customer Support

Record troubleshooting, tutorial, and solution videos so that your users find what they need more quickly.

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Make onboarding far more efficient and effective with videos to welcome and teach new employees.

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