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May 2, 2023

How Your Marketing Team Can Benefit From Video

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Asynchronous video is rapidly becoming a popular way for teams to communicate and collaborate more effectively, especially in today’s rapidly expanding era of remote work. 

Asynchronous video is useful for all teams across an organization, and marketing teams are no exception. It allows marketing teams to stay competitive, and share messages with a wider audience. Let’s look at the different ways  asynchronous video can benefit your marketing team. 

But first, let’s take a quick look at what asynchronous video is. Since you’re here, reading this post, you probably have an idea, but here’s a quick primer: Asynchronous video is a form of communication that doesn’t require all of your employees, or a team of employees, to be present in real time. 

Instead, team members can record and share videos at their own pace, and with Screencastify, from wherever they are, at a time that works for them. For marketing teams, it can improve productivity and streamline communication — let’s find out how!

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Ramping up collaboration and feedback

Asynchronous video makes it easy for team members to collaborate on projects, no matter where they are–location and timezone independent! By recording an async video and sharing it with others, team members can share feedback and progress, allowing everyone to stay up-to-date and on the same page. It also gives team members the ability to digest feedback and respond at their own speed. 

Let’s say a marketing team is working on a new product launch. Team members can use asynchronous video to record and share their ideas for the product’s messaging so it resonates with the target audience, or how a promotional strategy should run. Team members can watch the videos and respond with their own ideas, minus the hassle of trying to schedule a meeting that interrupts their workday. 

Asynchronous video can be especially useful when providing visual feedback on design or video projects. A video can include visual annotations to highlight specific areas that are done well or need improvement, which can make it easier for team members to understand next steps and make the necessary changes. 

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Reach more clients, faster

Using asynchronous video to reach a wider audience, faster, is a tool marketing teams need in their kit. Recording videos that can then be shared on social media, websites, or via email, marketing teams can attract more clients, generate leads, and also target specific demographics to ensure they are racing the right audience for their message. 

It’s also a cost-efficient way for marketing teams to reach more clients. Recorded videos can be reused, saving the time and money of creating new content. 

Asynchronous video can also help marketing teams respond to clients faster, which can lead to better outcomes and improved customer satisfaction. By recording videos that address client concerns and provide solutions to issues, marketing teams can provide faster — and clearer — responses than more traditional forms of communication. 

Enhancing personalization in marketing

Fact: video communication is more engaging and personal than text-based communication. Marketing teams can up the ante on the human touch of their communication by employing asynchronous video, which ultimately can help with building relationships and connecting with their direct teammates and employees across the organization as well as clients outside of the organization. 

When a marketing team member shares a video with a client, for example, one that provides customized advice or solutions, or even just shares a thank you with the client, marketing teams can build trust and loyalty, which goes a long way toward enduring relationships. 

Within an organization, using asynchronous video to personalize messages is also a win. When a new employee comes on board with the marketing team, for instance, the manager could record a video welcoming that team member, introducing themselves, and sharing their vision for the team. This level of personalization in marketing can go a long way toward making a new team member feel more connected and invested in their work, even if they haven’t met the manager in person. 

What’s more, recording and sharing training videos or tutorials can help new team members get acclimated to their new role at their own pace, and refer back to videos whenever they need a refresher. 

Marketing teams often use software tools or platforms to help streamline their work — recording and sharing a video can be a huge benefit to a new team member. Not only do they have a tangible asset they can reference as they learn, but they can do so without having to ask for help from a colleague.

Improve your marketing team’s efficiency with video

With the rise of remote work, asynchronous video is becoming the go-to solution for communication and collaboration among remote teams. 

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