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Apr 26, 2023

Tips for Using Video to Enhance Your Support Team

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The way we work has changed. More often than not, companies have moved to a hybrid workspace, with some employees working in offices, while others may be in any corner of the globe. As well, many organizations have moved to being a fully remote workforce. Both of these newer, ubiquitous working styles have brought both challenges and opportunities, and offering technology options that help employees succeed is critical. 

One such technology that is making major inroads and reshaping how employees work? Asynchronous video

While asynchronous video is an important tool for every member of your team, we take a look at how it benefits your support team. Chances are, your support team works with both internal clients (like your marketing team, your legal team, or your sales team, for example) as well as external clients. And video allows your support team to help them do their job faster and more efficiently.

1. Developing a knowledge base for external users 

When a client has an issue they need help with, your support team can easily create, edit, and share demo videos and customer support videos that make it easy to answer a user’s question. Traditionally these queries may have been answered via email, with paragraphs of text that frequently went unread or misread. With an asynchronous video, users can see a clear step-by-step answer to their question, and can review it as often as necessary, whenever they want. 

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2. Making bug report submissions more comprehensive

A Support team undoubtedly spends a chunk of their time handling bug reports. What is often a lengthy back and forth as clients try to explain the issue, and where things have gone wrong, is simplified with asynchronous video.

Internal or external clients can submit a video about the bug they’ve encountered, which makes it easier for the Support team to identify the issue and strategize how they can fix it. What’s more, when your Support team collaborates with the Engineering team, asynchronous video can be used as a tool to help get to the back end of any errors faster.

Videos showing developer consoles that are open while running tests can show firsthand any errors that crop up, and once they are solved, linked to a bug card to create a library of documentation that can be used for reference if the issue comes up again. Without asynchronous video, solutions would rely on a mountain of screenshots, opening the door to missed opportunities and overlooking details. 

3. Getting employees up to speed faster 

While having new members join your team is great — often a sign of a strong, growing company, and more hands on deck means more work getting done and moving the organization forward — it can also be a major disruption. There is the inevitable learning curve of new team members, and there’s also added stress put on current team members to help get their new colleagues up to speed. 

This is another area where asynchronous video can help your Support team, by creating a library of videos on different topics, from how-tos to project feedback, that will help a new employee hit the ground running. And if you put yourself in the shoes of your newest team member, having a library of videos in manageable portions to refer back to whenever they need to while getting the lay of the land is invaluable. 

And it’s not just new employees who benefit from asynchronous videos — current team members will as well. Whether a team member is returning from a much-needed vacation, and reviewing updates, or managers and team mates are providing project feedback, asynchronous video allows for more efficient use of a team’s time, ensuring that employees are kept in-the-know and on top of things.

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Improve your support capabilities with asynchronous video

Using video can enable your support team to be more efficient and improve communications for internal and external clients. Install Screencastify to see how it can benefit your organization today!

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