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Jun 13, 2023

Empower Your Product Team with Asynchronous Video

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In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing digital landscape, effective collaboration is the cornerstone of successful product development. As product teams face numerous challenges–communication gaps, misalignment, calendars packed with meetings, just to name a few–asynchronous video is now a powerful tool to help teams clear these hurdles.

Not only does asynchronous video enable teams to collaborate seamlessly and keep workflows on pace, it can enhance a team’s efficiency and effectiveness. 

Here are three ways how asynchronous video empowers product teams to do that. 

1. Establish a clear roadmap for success 🗺

When launching a new initiative, the end goal is often clear, but getting there ... well, trying to explain the vision can sometimes end up murky or flat out misunderstood by team members. Using asynchronous video, however, allows product managers to lay out the roadmap of a new product, including features, potential pitfalls to watch out for, and more.

They can foster a tight relationship with stakeholders by sharing video recordings about the process, and stakeholders can respond in kind with video feedback. These videos can then be referred back to throughout the process so both team members (and clients, if you have them) understand where the product is on the roadmap, and what’s ahead. 

2. Make your team more nimble 🚀

If your product team isn’t under pressure to move quickly and deliver complex solutions with a tight turnaround, do you even have a product team? We jest, of course, but timelines are the bloodlines of product teams, there is no doubt, and anything that slows down development can be the death knell for an efficient process. Asynchronous video can help by removing the live back-and-forth that often hinders forward motion.

It eliminates the need for live meetings, which can get bogged down in unnecessary details, or derailed completely from the original topic. By recording and casting product updates, or using it to share updates, issues, or feedback, for both internal teams as well as external clients, product teams can stay aligned and on time while getting details sorted. 

3. Simplify collaboration for your team 🤝

Product managers, designers, and other team members can reap numerous benefits from using asynchronous video to collaborate with those inside and outside of their organization.

For example, product managers can use Screencastify to communicate product vision, goals, and the roadmap to success, ensuring all team members are aligned, and have a tangible asset to refer back to (whenever and wherever they want) throughout the process. They can also use it to provide updates on user feedback, marketing trends, competitive analyses, and more, which fosters a shared understanding among team members. 

But it’s not just the product managers who benefit. Designers also can leverage asynchronous video to showcase initial designs or prototypes, explain design choices, and gather feedback. Using asynchronous video allows them to effectively, and importantly, visually, demonstrate their ideas.

And to the opposite end, asynchronous video allows them to receive timely input, and make updates and adjustments quickly.

The end result? A final product that meets user needs and expectations completed in an effective and efficient manner. 

We can’t leave developers out of the product team mix. As products go through development, developers can record and cast videos to explain technical challenges, propose solutions, which allows designers and product managers to make informed decisions. Taking this collaborative approach not only encourages diverse perspectives, but also reduces bottlenecks and makes sure timelines hold true. 

Each of these videos are a valuable knowledge-sharing tool for the team. They can create video tutorials, walkthroughs, or document processes, best practices, or lessons learned, and share those with fellow team members or external clients as appropriate. These videos then become an on-demand learning experience for both existing and new team members, as videos are stored and accessible from just about anywhere. 

Asynchronous video for product teams

Asynchronous video revolutionizes how product teams work, enabling fast and efficient collaboration and development. Create and collaborate seamlessly – Screencastify can show you how!

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