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Jul 11, 2023

Why Video is the Creative Solution for Design Teams 

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To create exceptional results, you need one key element: effective collaboration. Often, design teams face big hurdles when it comes to coordinating efforts, especially when working in remote or distributed work environments. 

With asynchronous video becoming more prevalent in work environments, it’s becoming easier for teams to coordinate efforts and collaborate seamlessly, streamline workflows, and ultimately produce outstanding results.  

In this article, we look at three key ways your design team can use asynchronous video to enhance their capabilities and work smarter, not harder. 

Asynchronous video to add context, remove ambiguity 🎬

Design decisions often require nuanced understanding of the project’s objectives, target audience, and brand guidelines. Written communications can be limiting for design teams, with its lack of ability to truly effectively convey visual details.

Asynchronous video fills this gap by allowing teams to record, edit, and cast their videos in a visual presentation rather than written, and showcase design elements, layouts, and more. This provides a more comprehensive understanding of the concepts, and enables teams and clients the chance to grasp more contextual nuances that text alone can’t articulate. Using asynchronous video provides a richer and more immersive medium to express design concepts and ideas.

Video design review means clearer and more concise feedback, and eliminates confusion, back-and-forths, delays, and ensures all team members are on the same page, producing stronger end products. Related: Watch below to see how Rebecca from the Screencastify product team uses video for design feedback.

Quickly create, share video for simple collaboration 🤝

When you have an organization with teams that work across multiple time zones, scheduling time to meet for feedback and brainstorming sessions can be a big challenge. Asynchronous video takes the pain out of that point, facilitating collaboration — without the need for everyone to be present at the same time.

Team members can record videos, provide updates, and share ideas at times that are convenient for them, allowing for flexible and diverse schedules. Asynchronous video reduces time constraints by taking away the need for real-time meetings, and allowing team members to review videos based on their own availability promotes more efficient collaboration. 

When a real-time meeting is called for, asynchronous video helps focus and those meetings, as designers can record, edit, and share design explanations prior to team discussions. What results is a more streamlined meeting, with team members coming to it with relevant questions, feedback, and knowledge. 

Announce new assets to your organization 📢

Asynchronous video combines two critical elements for successful design team collaborations: audio and visual communication. By recording a video presentation, designers can announce new assets in a more engaging manner than static images or written descriptions alone. They can highlight key features, and explain why certain decisions were made.

By engaging with the organization on a visual and audio level, design teams can foster a deeper connection with the organization’s members, and help other teams foster a deeper connection with the creative assets. Presenting design assets in their intended context using asynchronous video reduces ambiguity and ensures everyone has a holistic view of the design. 

The benefits of sharing new assets go beyond a design team’s own organization. Truly, the audience is limitless, as videos can be recorded, edited, and cast just about anywhere, at any time. 

What’s more, design assets — and how they can be used — can be archived with asynchronous video, and brought out as reference when needed. These videos become part of an organization’s knowledge base, and provide a visual record of design iterations, thought processes, and contextual information that may otherwise be lost. Not only does this help with future design iterations, but when new team members onboard, they have access to this archive of materials that will help them better understand a project’s history and design rationale efficiently. 

Asynchronous video for design teams 🎨

The power of visual engagement and flexibility provided by asynchronous video allows organizations to gain a comprehensive understanding of design assets. Asynchronous video is a vital tool for design teams that want to enhance their communication efforts in a dynamic and ever-evolving work environment. Install Screencastify free and find out how video can benefit your workflow today!

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