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UX/UI Testing

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Facial Tracking

Build the best possible user experience by recording a user’s facial reactions before rolling out new websites. Quickly identify experiences that a mouse heatmap wouldn’t pick up.

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User Narration

Get critical insights by having each tester verbalize their thoughts and reactions as they click through your tests.

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Mouse Tracking

Verify that buttons and page setup are optimized by recording a tester’s mouse movements and clicks.

Customer Support

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Clear, Fast Q/A

“If you can reproduce it you can fix it”. Quickly go from issue to solution by giving engineers a video of the problem vs expected experience.

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End User Onboarding

Just launched a new app or product? Get users up to speed faster by giving them screen recordings of best practices and how to’s.

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Global Support

Overcome language barriers by using an annotated video to provide end user support around the world.


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Record Webinars

Easily record and edit webinars so you can walk your audience through a multimedia presentation and follow up in the future.

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High Impact Videos

Video is the #1 preferred method of communication by customers. Create high impact videos that show, not just tell.

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Email Enhancement

It’s no secret that emails with videos have higher engagement rates. Spice up your emails with videos, GIFs and mutimedia.


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Better Lead Gen

Prospect more effectively by including personalized, engaging intro videos.

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Product Demos

Recording your product demos allows your leads to share it with the rest of their team and saves you time.

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Shorter Sales Cyles

Sales reps who have repositories of explanatory videos eliminate redundant meetings and enable leads to make faster decisions.

Account Management

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Develop and share how-to videos that reduce your time spent onboarding new clients and writing long emails.

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Meeting Recaps

Record and share meetings so everyone stays on the same page.

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New Feature Releases

Update all your clients simultaneously with visual announcements of new feature releases.

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