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"Before I started using Screencastify, I would do Skype calls and screensharing and other real-time communication to give feedback. That was always a problem, since it's tough to schedule calls. Screencastify allows me to record feedback whenever I want. Instead of talking about storyboards in the abstract, I can give direct feedback on their work even though we're not in the same room."

Jim M.| Supervising Director, Dreamworks TV

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Record product demos and create intro / explanatory videos to prospect more effectively and reduce sales cycles.

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Record webinars for better lead generation and create high-impact videos to make websites and emails more engaging.

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Monitor users' mouse movements, facial expressions and narration, and provide better Q/A for your engineers.

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Customer Support

How-to videos are the best way to get users around the world up to speed and satisfied with your product.

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Account Management

Create tutorial videos, meeting recaps and new-feature announcements - then deliver them to your happy clients.

Easy User Administration

Manage users manually or via automatic domain-wide assignment. Add, revoke or reassign licenses any time.

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