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Oct 28, 2020

Meet the Team - Maria Raffaelle

Screencastify Squad

What's your role at Screencastify?

I am a Customer Experience Specialist!

Describe your ideal weekend day

I would wake up a little bit after the sun does and have a cup of coffee (essential for me)! I would go lift some weights and take a nice walk home from the gym. Of course, after working out, I would have to find balance by eating delicious tacos. If I’m making tacos at home I love sweet potato and black bean tacos with guacamole! One of my favorite places to get tacos (and Mexican food in general) is La Principal! After that, I would dive into whatever creative project I’m working on at the time. I love embroidery, blogging, painting, weaving, baking, decorating….I could go on! At some point in the day I’ll FaceTime with my nephews--also known as the loves of my life ❤️ I’d finish the day with a home-cooked meal, a refreshing cocktail, and a little Netflix 😺

What are your top 3 books?

Wow - tough call as I love to read all kinds of books 📖! I would have to say my top 3 would be:

  • Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins
  • Falling Up by Shel Silverstein
  • Mysticism: The Nature and Development of Spiritual Consciousness by Evelyn Underhill

What excites you about Screencastify?

So much! But one amazing thing about Screencastify is I believe this tool has the potential (and does) help students fall in love with the learning process 🥳 Screencastify is interactive, it’s fun, and the students can feel like they’re becoming part of their own learning experience. To me, this sets them up to wish to continue the learning process on their own: outside the classroom and after their general K-12 studies are completed.

What does learning mean to you?

Education and learning aren’t only History and Math lessons. While those subjects (and more!) are deeply important and an essential foundation upon which to build; once you begin exploring the world around you there’s an understanding that there is so much to absorb! Learning means curiosity, exploration, failing, pivoting, and application!

What is one of your favorite quotes to live by?

I have absolutely no idea where I heard this, so if anyone recognizes this quote please let me know 😹: “The secret to knowing is knowing that you don’t know, ya know?”

What is a unique way you like to use Screencastify?

As an artist, I love sharing my process and teaching others how to do the things I love to do! Screencastify is great for making video tutorials on a specific topic or process that you wish to share! Here’s an example.

I believe everyone has something amazing to share with the world and I truly believe that Screencastify can easily make that possible! ❤️

Screencastify Squad

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