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Aug 16, 2018

5 Ways to Start Your School Year with Screencastify

Nefertiti Dukes
Professional Development Manager

Welcome to a new school year from the entire Screencastify team! In the next few weeks, a new batch of eager learners will fill your classrooms. But as you all know, the excitement of the new school year also brings a new list of tasks.

Thankfully, Screencastify offers ways for you to seamlessly complete some of the most important tasks of the new year. Take a look below for five tips that will help you hit the ground running.

1. Show an open house movie premier starring YOU! 🎥


As teachers, you spend countless hours getting the Open House PowerPoint absolutely perfect. You want it to be informative, engaging, and answer all the crucial questions.

Why not immortalize that powerpoint and accompanying presentation? Consider creating a screencast that allows parents to look back on your greatness while providing an easy alternative for parents who can’t make it for your debut performance.

2. Introduce yourself (and your class) to your students

Students need to know what you expect in your classroom. Ideally, they would have an idea of your expectations before they even enter your classroom on the first day. Well, now “ideally” is reality! Enter: your stellar introduction video. Create a video that outlines the syllabus, supplies needed, and maybe even a run down of assignments.

We bet your students will show up on the first day more prepared than ever. And even if students miss a few things when they arrive, they have a video to look back on for some pointers throughout the year.

3. Turn the spotlight on your students

At the start of the year, you’re introduced to tons of kids with tons of different personalities. Now, you get to start the journey of learning more about these students for the rest of the school year.

But, why not get a head start while simultaneously introducing your students to a tool they’ll be using for the rest of the year? Have students create their own screencasts that highlight their goals and personalities.

4. Give your class a “Resource Rundown” 🖥

Throughout the year, students will use tons of different tools to complete assignments. Students may be asked to submit discussions through Flipgrid or they may read complex texts with CommonLit.

At the start of the year, create a screencast (or create one short screencast per resource) that details how students should use all of them. You save time, and your students have instructions they can revisit at any point. Win win!.

5. Emergency Substitute Plans

At the start of the year, the thought of days off are a distant thought. But, as the year progresses, things happen! Before your first day, create a bank of emergency lesson plans complete with videos for students to watch in your absence.

Now, even if you’re gone, the learning continues. For added benefit, consider creating a quiz using Google Forms. Now, you’ll come back to students who have learned something and who have already completed an assessment. 👏

Connect with other screencastin’ educators and let us know how YOU will be using screencasts to start your year off right on Twitter.

Nefertiti Dukes
Professional Development Manager

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