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The Screencastify Chrome extension allows you to record your desktop, browser tab, or webcam, with the ability to edit straight from your browser. Read on to learn why we're a part of Google's 'Extensions Starter Kit' list.

millions of teachers & students use Screencastify to create amazing videos

videos created

join a massive community of creators

With Screencastify, recording videos becomes a seamless and intuitive experience. This allows users to record and share videos with ease, and being able to record from just about anywhere, means improved and efficient communication. Start creating free.

Millions of weekly users rely on Screencastify to create video
Hundreds of millions of videos have been recorded
Screencastify is accessible for users of all skill levels

easily create engaging videos

Screencastify provides users with a comprehensive and user-friendly platform to capture, edit, and share videos effortlessly. Whether you're an educator, professional, or everyday creator, Screencastify equips you with the tools you need. Keep eyes on your video.

Record your browser tab, desktop, or your webcam
Use your microphone to narrate and for more engaging videos
Annotate your video in real time to highlight key points

simplify video editing

Clarity is key when it comes to communication, and using Screencastify’s editing tools can take your video communication to the next level. These simple yet powerful editing features are easy to master, and help streamline the process. Perfect your creations.

Trim the start and end of your videos, ensuring a polished final product
Use the pen tool to draw on your tab, emphasizing key elements
Merge, crop, and add text to enhance the visual appeal of your videos

share with your audience, anywhere

The importance of seamless video sharing is critical to communication. By enabling seamless sharing with anyone, anywhere, the Screencastify Chrome recording extension empowers to overcome geographical boundaries and time constraints. Grow your audience.

View and share videos on Google Drive, or share to Google Classroom
Export videos as MP4, animated GIF, or MP3
See who’s viewed your videos, and add Interactive Questions to check viewer comprehension

video for educators and students

With user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, the Screencastify Chrome extension is an ideal tool for educators to better engage students, save time, and take their instruction to the next level. Create better learning outcomes.

Educators can create instructional videos to engage students of any age
Flipped classrooms and language practice become more accessible
Interactive Questions empowers educators to gain a better assessment

asynchronous video in the workplace

Effective communication improves productivity. By using Screencastify’s Chrome extension to record and share videos, professionals can convey ideas, instructions, or updates with clarity in a dynamic and engaging format. Improve efficiency.

Share personalized and engaging messages with customers and colleagues
Reduce the number of meetings and hassle of coordinating schedules by sharing video updates
Use Screencastify to create enduring materials for employees, from training and onboarding to reviews

video for everyday creators

With Screencastify’s Chrome extension, creators have the means to bring their videos to life through compelling video communication to make their mark and inspire others. Create, everyday.

Screencastify has empowered countless creators, from YouTubers to personal trainers
Capture and share everyday, meaningful moments
Leverage Screencastify’s intuitive features and easy-to-use interface to create videos that resonate around the world

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the simplest video tools for any creator

Record your first video

The most popular and beloved Chrome extension screencasting tool. Quickly create and share recordings from a browser tab, webcam, or full desktop view.

Our blazing fast, browser-based editor empowers anyone to easily create powerful and professional videos — whether recorded with Screencastify or not.

Effortlessly and securely assign and collect video submissions from anyone from nearly any device (no extension needed) by creating and sending magic links.

security and support

Screencastify is the safest, simplest video recording tool for any creator.

privacy and security

Screencastify is certified COPPA, FERPA and SOPPA compliant. We collect the minimum amount of data required to operate our software, and will never sell or rent your information.

Learn about privacy at Screencastify

seamless integrations

If you use Google Apps, the Screencastify Chrome extension will fit beautifully into your workflow. Our integrations with Google Drive, Classroom, and Sign-On make us a perfect fit for Google classrooms.

Learn about Screencastify and Google

features built for every user

Simple tools help users of any skill level accomplish more and find innovative new ways of engaging their audience and improving communication.

support and development

Our professional development and support teams provide tools to turn every creator into screencasting superstars.

enable video for your entire organization

Interested in empowering your whole team or organization with the ability to explain, communicate, and learn with our video extension?

frequently asked questions

Is the Screencastify chrome extension SOPPA Compliant?

Yes, Screencastify is SOPPA compliant. Learn more about Screencastify’s commitment to SOPPA compliance and each user’s privacy and security

Is it easy to install the Screencastify extension?

Yes! For more on installation of the Screencastify Chrome extension, please visit this page

Where can I find reviews of the extension?

Fine reviews and install the Screencastify video Chrome extension at the Google Chrome Web Store and learn more about why we're included in Google's official Chrome extension starter kit!

Where can I learn more about your privacy practices?

More detailed information can be found on the Screencastify privacy policy page.