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Screencastify was built for educators who use and love Google Apps.
google drive integration

Autosave to Drive

Every recording you create with Screencastify is automatically saved to your Google Drive. Instantly copy a shareable link with one click.

google sign in integration

No password needed

The only way to log in to Screencastify is with your Google account. That means no passwords to remember and straightforward user management.

google classroom integration

Share to Classroom

Create an assignment, question or announcement in Google Classroom without ever leaving Screencastify.

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A free 45-minute certification course taught by Alice Keeler, packed with ways to marry Google Apps with Screencastify.
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Chromebook activities

Teacher-submitted ideas featured on the Chromebook App Hub.
storytelling chromebook app hub example

Digital Storytelling with Screencastify

Challenge students to create incredible stories by leveraging the power of Advanced Google Search, Slides, and Screencastify.
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flocabulary chromebook app hub example

This Week in Rap with Flocabulary!

Have your students use Screencastify to record their Flocabulary rap with the background music!
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storytelling chromebook app hub example

Record Visual Arguments

Task students with building a case for each side of a challenging topic in Google Slides, and use Screencastify to explain both sides of the issue.
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25 Ways to Use Screencastify with Google Apps

Our newest eBook is packed with creative ways to use Screencastify with GSuite for Education, and features ideas from Alice Keeler, Kasey Bell, Matt Miller, and many more!
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