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Apr 25, 2023

How Torro Media Uses Screencastify to Improve Communication

Jarrod Rice
Content Lead

The idea behind Torro Media is that they’re there to help — and the Boston web design and SEO agency does that by doing just about everything. 

Web design, SEO, content creation, Google ads, and PPC ads, website hosting, and social media management are just some of the ways the award-winning agency helps its clients succeed. But there’s another piece to achieving that success: optimizing its external and internal communication.

Client communication with asynchronous video

Like most organizations, Torro has a blend of in-person and remote employees. This creates a need for synchronous and asynchronous video with clients to augment email communication. This is especially helpful when sharing feedback for visuals such as web design, for example. 

“It’s helpful internally to walk through a video explaining something opposed to just sending it in an email that lays out the changes that are needed,” says Torro’s lead project manager, Michelle Cormier. 

“It also works with our clients externally. It can be ineffective to jump on a call and review a design mockup. So, Screencastify allows us to share designs with the client, do a walkthrough they can take back to their team, digest internally, and then come back with feedback on a call to review.”

By sending the Screencastify video, the team is able to eliminate that initial meeting to streamline a project and save time and effort for both Torro and the client. It also gives the Torro team an added opportunity to ensure it’s ready to roll out.  

“Sometimes you want to sit with it and see how it resonates with you first, especially if you're rebranding a whole company,” Cormier adds. “And you can easily send it internally to other internal folks and decision makers first before sharing.” 

Using Screencastify for internal communication

Cormier said that Torro team members use Screencastify to create video nearly every day when factoring in internal communication along with client outreach. And the internal uses also help maximize productivity.  

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One way she said the team uses video internally is to share “how-to” demonstrations within the organization. 

“Instead of sitting down and going through how to complete a task, we can send a quick Screencastify explaining how you do it,” she said. 

“For those tasks, I created a learning library where we save these videos, so that if we onboard any new employees, they can go right to the source. We now have a good resource center for all of that content.”

Using Screencastify for project management 

As lead project manager, Cormier also finds value in sharing asynchronous video for project management. 

“I've used Screencastify to walk through our project board with clients who are new to the platform, which can be overwhelming, and they can save the video as a resource,” she added. 

“We’ll also use it for monthly SEO reporting dashboards and share a snapshot of what we've been doing in the background to help drive their success in a nice, bite sized, digestible video. It really ensures that the information isn’t lost in translation, but also adds that humanization to our work,” she explained.

“We are working remotely with a lot of clients across the country all the way to California as well as internationally,” Cormier added. “Screencastify helps us infuse a face-to-face element into what we do to help our clients everyday.”

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Jarrod Rice
Content Lead

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