back-to-school 2023: our guide to success during the new year

Now, more than ever, teachers and students are in need of the right tech tools to create the best learning outcomes. Let us show you why video makes education more visible in every classroom. And check out some of our best back-to-school resources below!

millions of teachers & students use Screencastify to create amazing videos

videos created

make opening night more engaging

While the season is here, school is not officially in session until Day 1. And if you’re looking for ways to make the official back-to-school night more engaging, we have the answer. Video is the sure fire way to make the evening more engaging and effective. Read more.

Learn how to Create a "Meet Your Teacher" QR sheet
Give sneak peeks at your unique classroom
Share a look into what curriculum can be expected

register for our on-demand webinar

Back to school season is here and we’re continuing our Screencastify Summer Learning Series with our latest webinar! In this session, we host Sultan Rana for a discussion about cultivating community and SEL skills. Watch now.

Learn more about the value of community
Why social emotional learning is invaluable
Learn more from Sultan Rana here!

23 reasons to provide video in 2023

We take a close look at 23 ways asynchronous video provides value to teachers and students alike in the upcoming 2023 school year and beyond. Read more.

How asynchronous video benefits teachers
Why equal access to asynchronous video benefits all of your teachers
How asynchronous video benefits students

improve training for the new year

For educators, EdTech coaches and administrators, and teams of all kinds looking to improve their training and onboarding processes, screen recording video offers multiple benefits that cater to both workplace and educational environments. Read more.

Why demo videos are an integral part of training and onboarding
How interactivity can improve video engagement
Sharing success stories with other teachers and students

a 2023 Common Sense Selection!

We’re so excited to share that we’ve been named a 2023 Common Sense Selection for Learning. The program recognizes tools that create amazing learning experiences for students. Learn more about why we're on the prestigious list! Read more.

Screencastify can re-invent your classroom in seconds
See why we're the all-in-one video platform of choice for educators
Learn how we help create the best learning experiences.

a member of the Google Starter Kit

Screencastify was recently added to the Google Extensions Starter Kit list. The list of just 16 extensions includes those that Google officially recommends for any user to “Do more with your browser”. Read more.

See why we're among the select few extensions on the list
Join the millions of users who already create with Screencastify
Start creating in just seconds with our Google-recommended extension

how video helps with the ramp-up!

The Screencastify team has helped prepare teachers for summer by sharing ways to build a summer bridge and keep minds active and sharp before returning! Read more.

Get to know students faster and easier
Learn about summer status updates!
Give them a head start on grading policies and supply lists

make a walkthrough video

the simplest video tools for any teacher or student to kick off 2023 the right way

Record your first video

The most popular and beloved Chrome extension screencasting tool. Quickly create and share recordings from a browser tab, webcam, or full desktop view.

Our blazing fast, browser-based editor empowers anyone to easily create powerful and professional videos — whether recorded with Screencastify or not.

Effortlessly and securely assign and collect video submissions from anyone from nearly any device (no extension needed) by creating and sending magic links.

security and support

Screencastify is the safest, simplest video recording tool for any teacher or student.

privacy and security

Screencastify is certified COPPA, FERPA and SOPPA compliant. We collect the minimum amount of data required to operate our software, and will never sell or rent your information.

Learn about privacy at Screencastify

seamless integrations

If you use Google Apps, the Screencastify Chrome extension will fit beautifully into your workflow. Our integrations with Google Drive, Classroom, and Sign-On make us a perfect fit for Google classrooms.

Learn about Screencastify and Google

features built for every user

Simple tools help users of any skill level accomplish more and find innovative new ways of engaging their audience and improving communication.

support and development

Our professional development and support teams provide tools to turn every creator into screencasting superstars.

enable video for your entire school this year

Interested in empowering your whole school or district with the ability to teach, communicate, and learn with our video extension?

frequently asked questions

Is the Screencastify chrome extension SOPPA Compliant?

Yes, Screencastify is SOPPA compliant. Learn more about Screencastify’s commitment to SOPPA compliance and each user’s privacy and security

Is it easy to install the Screencastify extension?

Yes! For more on installation of the Screencastify Chrome extension, please visit this page

Where can I find reviews of the extension?

Fine reviews and install the Screencastify video Chrome extension at the Google Chrome Web Store and learn more about why we're included in Google's official Chrome extension starter kit!

Where can I learn more about your privacy practices?

More detailed information can be found on the Screencastify privacy policy page.