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Jul 13, 2021

6 Ways Video Helps Educators Ramp-Up for the New School Year

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Summer is here! And students’ minds are likely far from the classroom 🏖 . Fortunately, the Screencastify team has helped prepare teachers for summer by sharing ways to combat “summer slide” and keep minds active and sharp before returning.

However, teachers’ minds are also staying active as they turn their own focus from “summer slide” to the “summer climb” of the new year 👩‍🏫 .  

There are likely a thousand things teachers want to do before the beginning of the school year to ensure they’re creating the most welcoming environment for students. And while not everything can be done, there are creative ways to ramp up ahead of the new year. And the Screencastify team has put together some tips to help. Check them out below!👇

‘What Are You Excited/Nervous About?’

Getting to know students can be challenging, especially when everyone is new to class and students may be shy about introducing themselves. Try creating a Screencastify Submit assignment that students can do at home or from anywhere before the new year begins! They can introduce themselves and even share what they are excited or nervous about in entering a new environment.

Teachers and Support Staff Introductions

Not only can students introduce themselves, but you can introduce yourself and other classroom support staff and even the principal or other school-wide personnel! Send out a Submit assignment to other faculty for introductions, and edit the videos together with Screencastify Edit and voila, you have a great school-wide intro for students and parents.

Student Summer Status Updates

How about a different take on the student introduction with a Submit assignment which asks them what they’ve been doing over the summer so far? They may be more likely to open up if they have something specific and even fun to talk about.

Classroom and Grading Policies and Supply Lists

The first parent newsletter is packed. It has a list of classroom expectations, grading policies, your own introduction, and likely a supply list for class. Make it more engaging by using Screencastify Record to create a video introduction of policies and anything else you'd like parents to know for the start of school. Send it along with your written intro and parents will feel more prepared for the upcoming year and at-ease in knowing their child's new teacher.

Get Questions Ahead of the Upcoming Year

Students have questions. Parents have questions. You can easily send students and parents a Submit link with an assignment to ask their questions of you before the year even begins. It’s a great way for everyone to be heard and feel comfortable and confident while preparing themselves.

Welcome Fellow Educators

Screencastify isn't just for getting students and parents ready and excited for the new school year. It's also for preparing your fellow teachers for the new year. Use Record and Edit to welcome back your faculty before they’re officially back!

Prepare Everyone for Success Everyday

While there are countless things to do before the new year, we hope these ideas help make the ramp-up a bit less steep. Be sure to tweet your own ideas for the new year and tag us @Screencastify!

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