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Jul 28, 2023

Back to School: Our Guide to Video for Training, Onboarding

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In today’s digital age where information is easily accessible, video has emerged as a powerful medium for communication, learning, and engagement. For educators, EdTech coaches and administrators, and teams of all kinds looking to improve their training and onboarding processes, screen recording video offers multiple benefits that cater to both workplace and educational environments. 

Let’s explore some of the ways in which screen recording videos can enhance training and onboarding during Back to School season and beyond. We’ll share how it can be used in education settings, empowering administrators and teachers — as well as human resources, people teams, and more — to create more effective and engaging learning experiences. 

Demo videos 🎬

Training and onboarding new teachers, administrators, and team members is challenging, especially when you need to convey complex instructions or processes. Using screen recording and sharing, teachers and trainers can create step-by-step guides on how to use specific software applications, perform various tasks, or best practices and protocols. In the workplace, screen recording and casting is particularly valuable for introducing employees to internal systems, procedures, and workflows. In educational settings, demo videos prove beneficial for guiding students through various academic tasks or introducing them to e-learning platforms. These videos simplify understanding and eliminate ambiguity, which can make it easier for learners or new employees to grasp the needed information. 

Product training 💡

Businesses use video recording to provide thorough product training to ensure sales and support teams are well-equipped to handle customer inquiries effectively. Screen recordings can showcase product features, demonstrate functionalities, and address FAQs. Using these videos as part of the onboarding process for new employees or as a refresher for current employees helps the entire team. 

In education, product training can take the form of familiarizing students with educational tools, software, or learning management systems. By bringing video recording into part of their educational tool belt, teachers can present a comprehensive view of these resources, making it a more streamlined and engaging learning process for students. 

Interactivity ✅

Effective learning starts with engagement. And to keep learners interested and involved, interactivity is key. Interactive videos allow viewers to make choices, answer questions, or explore different scenarios, which ultimately provides a more personalized and immersive learning experience for students. Using screencasting in the classroom means learners are actively participating, and reinforcing their understanding of the subject matter, and fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

Within an organization, interactive videos can simulate real-life scenarios and allow employees to practice problem solving and decision-making in an environment where they know it’s safe to try new things or make mistakes. 

Tutorials 🎓

Traditional training methods often involve demonstrating tasks or processes on a shared screen, which may not be as effective for new teachers, staff, or learners who prefer to be more hands-on. Screen recording videos can bridge the gap by showing them exactly what to do on their own screens, wherever they are. From navigating software interfaces to using specific tools, executing tasks to learning a new process, learners and new employees alike can follow along in real time, and reinforce their comprehension. Learners can pause and rewind the video as needed, allowing them to work at their own pace and gain confidence in their skills. 

Testimonials, success stories 🙋

When a new employee or teacher first joins a team, fostering a sense of belonging is crucial during the onboarding process. Using screen recording to edit and screen case videos featuring employee testimonials and success stories can be highly motivating (and not just for new employees!), sharing the experiences of those who are thriving in the organization. 

In educational settings, showcasing videos of testimonials from successful alumni or accomplished students can motivate new learners to strive for excellence and achieve their goals.

Video recordings can create a sense of community and camaraderie, inspiring new hires and students alike to embrace their journeys with enthusiasm. 

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Measuring progress 📈

Being able to see how effective a program or learning opportunity is is made easier with analytics. Within an organization, using screen recordings and their associated analytics can help identify potential gaps in employee knowledge. In the classroom, screen recordings allow teachers and administrators to track video views, engagement rates, and completion rates, and assess progress and identify areas that may need additional attention or improvement, and tailor their instruction to meet students’ specific needs. 

On-the-go learning 📱

With remote and hybrid work becoming the norm, video recording is ideal for onboarding and training purposes, allowing employees to revisit training materials as needed anywhere, any time. Screen recorded videos offer an advantage of being accessible on laptops, tablets, and smartphones, enabling on-the-go learning that aligns with busy schedules. 

In a classroom setting, flexibility and accessibility are essential for modern learners, whether they are learning remotely or just want to learn at their own pace. Video content is an ideal solution, as students can review lessons or catch up on missed content outside of traditional class hours. 

For workplace administrators and educators alike, integrating video into training and onboarding can lead to increased engagement, improved knowledge retention, and enhanced overall performance. Screen recording is a valuable asset, empowering teams and learners to succeed. Embracing the power of video creates a more efficient, dynamic, and effective learning environment for all. 

4 Tips To Create Better Videos 

Want to create better, more engaging videos? Here are 4 tips to help!

  1. Plan your content: Before you hit record, have a clear plan for your video, from the main points you want to cover, a logical organization of the content, and flow of information, to ensure your video is concise and easy to follow. 
  2. Use annotations and cursor highlighting: Screencastify offers annotation tools to emphasize important points on the screen. Use cursor highlighting, arrows, text boxes, and other annotations to direct viewers’ attention to specific areas to make your explanations more effective. 
  3. Edit and trim: The easy-to-use editing features on Screencastify can remove any unnecessary or unwanted content, pauses, mistakes, and more. Trim your video to fit the time frame and essential information you want.
  4. Add a personal touch: Create more engaging content by putting some personality into the video. Sharing personal anecdotes or using a conversational tone can better establish a connection with your audience.

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