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Apr 4, 2024

Use Captions for Improved World Language Learning

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Language barriers can be a hurdle for effective video communication.  

As the leading asynchronous video tool for educators, Screencastify has added Captions in World Languages for Starter and Pro users in order to overcome those barriers and make multilingual communication simpler. Screencastify now brings the option to translate video captions into more than 50 languages! You can also translate the 50-plus world languages into English.

Powered by AI, Captions in World Languages makes educators’ videos more accessible and engaging for students, parents, and staff, empowering them to choose the language of the captions videos and automatically translate with just a few clicks!

World languages in the classroom 🌍

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the percentage of public school students in the U.S. who were English language learners (ELLs) rose a half a million in the fall of 2020 from fall 2010. And more than ten million K-12 students are learning a world language in the U.S. alone.

Additionally, several studies indicate that captions help strengthen the following reading skills of students with learning disabilities, ELLs, and struggling or beginning readers:

  • Reading speed and fluency
  • Word knowledge
  • Vocabulary acquisition
  • Word recognition
  • Reading comprehension
  • Oral reading rates, and more

Screencastify’s Captions in World Languages reinforces all of the above, empowering educators to create video for practice and immersion in different languages in a multimedia format that lets students watch at their own, individual pace!

How to use Captions in your class 🔤

Captions in World Languages can be used inside and outside of the classroom to improve learning and communication. Here are just a few examples of how you can use the tool today: 

Supporting ESL and ELL students:

Captions can be a powerful tool to improve the way ESL and ELL students learn language, giving teachers the ability to translate to English and from a world language to English. Here are some ways that these students can practice.  

  • Pronunciation and speaking: Students can mimic or shadow the pronunciation of words and phrases they hear and see in the video captions.
  • Feedback and correction: Teachers can use videos with mistakes in the captions (either in English or the translation) as a tool for students to identify and correct mistakes, and encourage critical thinking and attention to detail.
  • Cultural contextualization: Show students encounter videos that include cultural references or colloquialisms and let them try to discover the meaning based on the context.

World language learners:

Captions can be used to give students multimodal content of world language videos with English captions and vice versa. 

Guardian communications:

Captions help guardians who might not primarily be English-language speakers communicate with educators. Share a video with a guardian and they can translate the video into their preferred language. They can even respond with a video in their preferred language that teachers can translate to english, fostering stronger communication with every student guardian. 

Announcements in multiple languages:

As with improved communication with individual guardians, captions can be leveraged to communicate with broader community audiences as well. Any recipient of school announcements can translate captions into their preferred language.

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Try Screencastify Captions in World Languages 🎬

Captions in World Languages is available now for Screencastify Starter and Pro users. Simply add captions to your video and share with your Screencastify watch link. Your viewers will be able to choose the language they'd like to translate your captions into from there! Try it out today!

Bring Captions in World Languages to your School or District 🏫

Want to give the power of Captions in World Languages to the teachers and students in your district? Contact us to learn more today!

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