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Feb 16, 2024

Quick Tip: How to Use Captions to Engage ESL Learners

Brittany Angelilli
Marketing Coordinator

Update 04.01.24: What’s New in Screencastify: Captions in World Languages and More!

Engaging non-native speakers and challenging English language learners requires thoughtful strategies that cater to their unique needs and learning styles. One simple yet effective method is to leverage captions in educational videos. By enabling captions, students can practice listening, comprehension, and pronunciation simultaneously, creating a more immersive and interactive learning experience.

Captions serve as a valuable tool for language learners by providing visual reinforcement of spoken words. They offer additional context and clarity, helping students grasp the meaning of unfamiliar terms or phrases. Moreover, captions facilitate self-paced learning, allowing students to pause, rewind, and review content as needed, promoting autonomy and confidence in their language skills.

Integrating captions into educational videos not only supports language acquisition but also encourages active engagement. Students can follow along with the dialogue, speaking aloud to practice pronunciation and intonation. This interactive approach fosters a dynamic learning environment where students feel motivated to participate and improve their language proficiency.

To implement this method effectively, educators can utilize tools like Screencastify to create captioned videos tailored to their curriculum. Screencastify offers user-friendly features for recording and editing videos, making it accessible for both teachers and students to create engaging materials.

Ready to see how captions can transform your English language learning experience? Want to see how to use captions to engage your English language learners? Take a look. Install Screencastify today and start creating captivating, captioned videos for your students.

Brittany Angelilli
Marketing Coordinator

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