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Nov 2, 2022

How to Use Screencastify in Today’s Modern Classroom

Screencastify Squad

Harnessing the power of pause ⏸ and rewind ⏪ to support student learning is the path to never writing a sub plan again! 

Screencastify has teamed up with Modern Classrooms Project to help drive the mission of sharing the future of education and student-centered support through a blended, self-paced, mastery-based learning environment.

Screencastify recently joined Toni Rose Deanon, Modern Classrooms Project's Community Engagement Manager, to explore how you can use Screencastify to make learning more personal with simple, on-demand videos. 

Read on to see how Screencastify can change the way educators share content and lessons with students.👇

Part 1: Instructional video 🎬

Instructional videos are a great way to improve engagement in the classroom while letting students learn asynchronously. They also empower students to watch — and rewatch — any video at their own pace. 

Scan the QR code above to see just one real-world example of an instructional video that you can replicate for nearly any math problem!

Bonus Tip: You can use Screencastify to generate QR codes so students can watch on nearly any device! Learn how to merge the offline and online worlds here

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Part 2: Creating videos 🎥

Once you’ve tried out the QR code above and see what the students will experience when watching a video, you’re ready to start creating your own videos! Once you’ve added the Screencastify Chrome browser extension (or logged into your account), you’re ready to get started. 

Check out Olivia’s instructions above to see how you can start your journey with video today!

Bonus Tip: Listen to this episode of EdTech Heroes to learn how to improve your videos’ watchability. 

Part 3: Student expression 🙋

Video in the classroom is about much more than providing great content for your students. It’s about letting them share their own voices and creativity as well.

Watch above to learn why Screencastify Submit is the ultimate tool for bringing student expression to your classroom today! 

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Learn more💡

Be sure to watch the entire session with Screencastify and Modern Classrooms Project here!

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