🔒 Student Data Privacy

Screencastify is dedicated to providing a service that keeps students safe. We are signatories of the Student Privacy Pledge, and make every effort to make our product as secure as possible. You can find our full Privacy Policy here. We’ve summarized some of the critical points below.

Screencastify does not host nor have any access to your videos.

The entire recording experience happens on your local device. From there, videos are stored either on a user’s Google Drive or saved locally to their computer. Screencastify has no way of accessing them. All the content you create with Screencastify belongs to you.

We store only essential information in your personal account.

Our database is stored in Google’s secure Cloud Platform and contains only the following personal data:

  • Email address
  • Student status

If you are a Premium user, your contact, payment and billing information is stored in Chargebee’s PCI compliant secure database. Read more about Chargebee’s security measures here.

We do not advertise to or track student behavior, or sell any user data.

Upon installing Screencastify, every user is asked if they are a student. Those who identify themselves as students are automatically removed from Screencastify’s Google Analytics system performance tracking, and will never receive marketing communications from Screencastify. We never rent or sell any user’s data to a third party.

We are COPPA and FERPA compliant.

COPPA and FERPA regulate how data pertaining to children under the age of 13 and students under the age of 18 must be collected and protected. As long as your school has a technology waiver from parents, Screencastify is fully compliant with both laws and is safe to use in any classroom.

We will notify you if our policies change.

If we make any material changes to our privacy policy or terms, we’ll let you know. The new terms will only apply to you if you choose to accept them.