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Millions of educators make learning more personal with videos.

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Click, click. Classroom flipped.

Teachers create a more personalized learning environment for their blended and flipped classroom by recording:

  • Full and/or bite-sized lessons
  • Assignment solutions and explanations
  • Verbal student feedback

Thinking made visible.

Screencastify helps students make their voices heard and their thinking visible through assessments and activities like:

  • Speech and language practice
  • Comprehension and reflection exercises
  • Interactive slide presentations

Thinking made visible.

Screencastify helps students make their voices heard and their thinking visible through assessments and activities like:

  • Speech and language practice
  • Comprehension and reflection exercises
  • Animated slideshow presentations

A busy teacher's best friend.

Time is every educator's most precious resource. Many use Screencastify to free up time by recording and streamlining:

  • Professional development training
  • Lesson plans for their department and/or substitutes
  • Parent communication

Real, meaningful results.

We conducted a survey of nearly 400 teachers and asked them how Screencastify has impacted their daily lives.


Teachers report spending 11 more minutes on 1:1 student time per day after starting to use Screencastify.


97% of teachers believe that Screencastify has made them more effective in the classroom.


On average, Screencastify saves teachers 24 minutes per day on tasks like grading, class prep, professional development and admin work.

Designed for Chromebooks.
Screencastify always runs reliably and smoothly, no matter your device's constraints.
Synced with Drive.
Recordings automatically save to your Google Drive, and take up no hard disk space.
Easy for everyone.
Whether you're 3 or 103, you'll learn how to use Screencastify in seconds. It really is that simple.

"The ability for educators, leaders and students to instantly capture and share ideas, their work and reflections is powerful. There’s no reason Screencastify shouldn't be on every computer, everywhere."

Steven W. Anderson | Founder, Web20Classroom

A no-brainer for teachers and administrators.

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Flipped Classrooms

Record lectures and allow students to absorb material at their own pace while boosting in-class engagement.

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P.D. Training

Gone are the days of time consuming, repetitive trainings. Instructional screencasts save teachers hours.

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Verbal Feedback

Teachers give more thoughtful, personal feedback by recording themselves reviewing a student's work.

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Learning Evidence

Show students explaining themselves before and after a course to demonstrate learning and improvement.

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Interactive Assessments

Students record themselves practicing languages, giving a speech, talking through a problem, and more.

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Parent Communication

Update parents more frequently and more visually. They'll love being kept in the loop!

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Effortless Rollout

Install our extension for all your users remotely and assign licenses automatically.

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Flexible Licenses

Add, revoke or reassign licenses at any time. So if students or teachers leave, just reassign their license.


Made for Chromebooks

Screencastify was built to run smoothly and reliably on all of your teachers' and students' devices.

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Fully Compliant

Screencastify is fully COPPA/FERPA compliant, and takes student data privacy very seriously. Ask us for details.

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EdTech Synergies

Add better content to your existing LMS, and get more value out of your other tools like Google Docs, Slides, etc.

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Right for Any Budget

We know the constraints that schools face. We'll work with you to build a package that meets your needs.

Screencastify is committed to student data privacy. Learn more.

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💡 Get inspired.

Read about some of our favorite ways to use Screencastify in the classroom.

Classroom stories.

Real examples of how Screencastify has helped transform learning.

Mrs. Vasquez has 25 students in her math class with a broad range of learning styles and abilities.

Last year, she taught them all at the same pace. Some students fell behind while others grasped the material more quickly and grew bored.

This year, Mrs. Vasquez has created a library of bite-sized instructional videos covering every concept in her course. Her students have full access to this library and can move through each concept at their own pace. They can rewind, rewatch, or move ahead through the videos as needed.

When in class, her students spend more time working through actual problems and less time passively absorbing information. Mrs. Vasquez can devote more of her time to 1:1 sessions with students.

And that’s not all. Mrs. Vasquez can reuse these same videos in upcoming years. The time she invested to create these videos will pay dividends far into the future.

Screencastify helped Mrs. Vasquez teach math to 25 unique students in 25 unique ways.

Last year, when students submitted essays in Mr. Goodson’s history class, Mr. Goodson spent hours reading through them. He wrote thoughtful comments in the margins and left each student a note summarizing his feedback at the end.

However, when he returned the essays to his students a few days later, Mr. Goodson noticed that many of them ended up in the recycling bin within minutes.

This year, Mr. Goodson is using Screencasify to provide student feedback. He records himself reviewing each essay in Google Docs, and marks up the documents with his suggestions. By embedding his webcam into the corner of the screen, Mr. Goodson makes his message more human than pen-written notes.

Not only does this save Mr. Goodson tons of time and allow him to return the essays more quickly, it also makes his feedback more engaging. Students actually want to watch the videos that Mr. Goodson has made for them!

More importantly, Mr. Goodson noticed that his students were now learning from his feedback more efficiently and their writing quickly improved.

Ms. Allen teaches 8th grade Spanish. She’s responsible for helping her students become conversant in Spanish, but has trouble assessing the progress of her quieter students.

Six students in particular were very shy and seldom participated in class. Even when Ms. Allen called on them, they hesitated to speak in Spanish and reverted to English.

To solve this, Ms. Allen asked her class to record a presentation in Spanish using Screencastify.

Her students created Google Slides presentations about their ideal vacation and then narrated over the slides while recording their screen with Screencastify.

Because her quieter students could record themselves at home, they had no problem expressing themselves and speaking in Spanish!

Better yet, Ms. Allen saved these videos and created similar assignments throughout her course. At the end of the year, she was able to show her students (and their proud parents) crystal-clear evidence of their improvement.


Master the Screencast

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