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Teacher Enablement

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1 to 1 Teaching

There’s only one you, but your recorded videos allow you to help students who have fallen behind while challenging those ready for advancement.

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Flipped Classrooms

Teachers flip their classrooms by recording lectures using Screencastify.  Let students absorb the lectures at their own pace while maximizing in-class engagement.

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Narrate Feedback

Record and narrate feedback while reviewing a student’s document. Increase the amount of 1:1 feedback you’re able to give in a way that would never be possible with a pen and paper.

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Cheating Mitigation

Instances of cheating are dramatically reduced when teachers can view both a student’s webcam and screen activity. Teachers can also ask students to talk through their thinking, ensuring proper comprehension.

Student Outcomes

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Language Practice

By recording themselves speaking in another language, students increase repetition and accelerate progress. Teachers can also provide more personalized feedback.

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Public Speaking

Practice makes perfect – and thats’ especially true for public speaking. Encourage students to rehearse, take risks, and improve verbal and non-verbal communication using Screencastify.

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When asked to demonstrate their understanding of a particular subject or problem, students find and fill their own knowledge gaps more quickly and accurately than with a written worksheet.

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Promote critical thinking and original creative thought through student reflections. Include the best in your students’ portfolios.

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“The ability for educators, leaders and students to instantly capture and share ideas, their work and reflections is powerful. And Screencastify makes it so easy anyone can quickly and easily share with the world. There’s no reason it shouldn’t be on every computer everywhere!”

Steven W Anderson
Founder, Web20Classroom

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