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May 22, 2024

Use Screencastify to Share End-of-Year Updates with Parents (with translation)!

Kay-Anne Reed
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

As the school year winds down, keeping parents informed about important dates and events is crucial. It can be time consuming to set aside time to put together the perfect wording in an email—use Screencastify to record a video to share instead! Screencastify is perfect for creating engaging, personal video updates that parents can easily and quickly view. Here’s how to effectively use Screencastify to share end-of-year calendar updates and more, and how to make your videos accessible to non-English speaking parents through our Captions in World Languages feature (now available in beta to our Starter, Pro, and School & District users).

  1. Record Your Video: Outline the key dates and events you want to cover, such as graduation, materials returns, or report card distribution. Click ‘Record’ to start. Use visual aids like calendar screenshots or slides to make your points clear.
  2. Add captions to your video: On the video management page that appears after you finish recording, click the "Add Captions" button on the right hand side. This will generate captions in English, and also enable captions translation into over 50 world languages!
  3. Share your video: Grab your Screencastify video link to share updates with parents in a translatable, accessible, engaging way!

Watch squad member Jeremy's video walkthrough of how to use Screencastify to share end-of-year updates and how to enable translation:

By using Screencastify and its translation features, you can ensure all parents, regardless of their primary language, stay informed and engaged with end-of-year activities. Use video to enhance communication and build a more inclusive school community!

Kay-Anne Reed
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

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