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Mar 14, 2022

How Video Frees Teachers to Overcome Biggest Engagement Barriers

Jarrod Rice
Content Lead

Editor’s note: This article is based on the 2022 Vivi and Screencastify industry report “Using Technology in the Classroom to Better Engage Students” where more than 750 teachers shared insights into their current challenges. Read the full report here and click here for part 2 focusing on personalized learning.

In 2019, a study was conducted that showed “the more positive relationships students had with their teachers, the better their engagement [and participation] in school”.

The past two-plus years have brought unprecedented challenges for educators in trying to cultivate these relationships and engagement. But one thing that nearly every teacher agrees on is that they must have the right tools in order to overcome the new challenges and best engage and interact freely among the students. (Listen to EdTech Heroes below to learn more on how teachers can increase student engagement. ⬇️)

Defining student engagement 🙋

So, how exactly is student engagement defined? The Institute of Education Sciences gives a helpful definition of three different types of student engagement: 

  • Cognitive: Investment in learning, perseverance, self-regulation
  • Emotional: Feelings of belonging, enjoyment, and attachment 
  • Behavioral: Time on task, student participation 

In this report, teachers specified that when they define student engagement, 61.9% think of cognitive engagement, 46.1% think of emotional engagement, and 24.7% think of behavioral engagement. But none of these types of engagement are achievable without the right tools and devices. As one teacher put it, technology and engagement are closely intertwined.

“Student engagement really motivates me to bring them more new ideas and technology.”


Most teachers believe devices are crucial for engaged learning.

Mobile engagement 💻

Today’s teacher needs to be able to move freely in the classroom if they are to collaborate effectively with students. Access to the right technology and tools are therefore essential. Of the more than 750 teachers surveyed for this report: 

  • 82.4% said they are always moving in the classroom
  • 12.2% occasionally walk between desks if there’s a reason to do so
  • 3.2% stay at their desk most of the time

The teachers in the study indicated that 1:1 devices are needed to support the needs of teachers in letting students consume content while teachers are out among them and interacting.

For example, in a 1:1 environment, students are able to watch teacher-created videos at a pace that they are comfortable with while their teacher is free to be mobile and support individual students as needed. 

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The evidence that greater student engagement delivers better academic outcomes is significant. And there is a global acceptance that the teacher-student collaboration afforded by the best devices and EdTech tools is an effective way to boost student engagement. 

Multiple research studies have shown that students who are engaged not only achieve higher academic results but are also more likely to persist through struggles with their school work, have better social skills, and are less likely to drop out of school.

In contrast, disengaged students show lower cognitive performance, more disruptive behaviors, and more emotional challenges. They avoid academic tasks and have increased absenteeism and challenges with learning.

The right tools for engagement 🛠

And so, the right strategies, environments, and technological tools must be delivered to educators to ensure that students are engaged through collaborative learning in order to maximize their learning. 

More and more schools are pushing toward a more EdTech-driven classroom. Video creation tools such as Screencastify and wireless presentation solutions like Vivi improve teacher productivity and turn classrooms into interactive, collaborative learning spaces — driving increased student engagement and productivity.

Click below to begin your journey to improving collaboration and engagement in your classroom through video! 

Jarrod Rice
Content Lead

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