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Mar 16, 2023

Take a look at the bold new Screencastify

Brandon Leong
VP of Marketing and Growth

You might have noticed a fresh coat of paint on our website. Recently, we updated the Screencastify logo, color palette, typeface, and more. But the changes we’ve made go beyond the surface and we wanted to share an inside look at what it means for Screencastify and our millions of users. 

A bolder Screencastify

Challenged by our new CEO Vishal Shah with creating a brand identity that matches the vision of Screencastify for every current and future user, the Screencastify team set out to breathe new life and energy to our brand. 

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And though Screencastify has always — and will continue to — evolve, we're still the same Screencastify that has improved video communication in schools, businesses, and personal creators around the world. The changes you see today help capture our evolution, and bring a clean new look that better conveys our values. Let us show you how: 

Our logo

At first glance, the change to our logo might seem subtle — but it’s a bold change for more reason than one. We’ve always believed that the most important part of “Screencastify” is the cast. Why? Because a video created on a screen is simply not enough. 

A video must be “cast” in order to be effective. And we think of “cast” as a video that has not only been created but also has been seen and felt as an effective piece of communication. “Cast” is our northstar, and we’ve chosen to emphasize that with our new logo. 

Our colors and typeface

We  know that color is extremely important for creators. Cohesion and flexibility are needed to bring life to any piece of art, including video. It’s part of every first impression for a brand, so we’ve adopted a more versatile color scheme that still pays homage to our history. It’s an evolution with a warmer and friendlier palette that is more accessible for all viewers. 

Our new Fellix typeface is also designed to be more versatile, visually appealing, and accessible for all users.

Our imagery

Our users are the stars of the show. Whether using their embedded webcam or not, these creators are a huge part of what they’re communicating through video.

We’ve refreshed our creative direction to feature those stars — people creating video magic. By doing so, we can better show real-world uses for video and what can be achieved with Screencastify, whether it’s a musician sharing their latest cover song, a math teacher solving a complex problem, or a manager sharing project feedback without losing nonverbal aspects of communication.

The evolution of Screencastify

As we said above — Screencastify will never stop evolving. And while our visual identity has changed, our mission remains consistent. Our CEO Vishal Shah said it best: We will always strive to be the best end-to-end platform that makes recording, editing, sharing, and viewing video easier, so anyone can become a better communicator.

This visual update is just the beginning. Keep an eye out to see how our evolution continues along with our commitment to provide video communication for everyone, and make it easy for anyone.

Brandon Leong
VP of Marketing and Growth

Brandon leads marketing and growth at Screencastify.