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Express yourself and share your best ideas through the power of screen recordings.

mr nemerow
Mr. Nemerow
Made my first video today with @Screencastify... uh, where has this ridiculously easy tool been my whole life?
steven anderson
Steven W. Anderson
Screencastify is my favorite tool right now. Dead simple screen casting. Works on Chromebooks too!
rachel jeffrey
Rachel Jeffrey
Iโ€™m pretty much in love with Screencastify. Ss are having issues uploading a file, so I made a quick screencast tutorial for support!
daniel kaufman
Daniel Kaufmann
I always use Screencastify. The ability to share to YouTube and grab the gDrive link is slick!
gaelyn jenkins
Gaelyn Jenkins
Ah! I knew of #screencastify but itโ€™s even easier than I thought!
elizabeth beck
Elizabeth Beck
Update: #screencastify is literally the best #flipclass tool I have ever seen in my life.

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Our blazing fast, browser-based editor empowers anyone to easily create powerful and professional videos.

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Effortlessly and securely assign and collect video submissions from students, staff or anyone by creating and sending magic links.

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