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Mar 4, 2022

Six Ways to Improve Engagement with Student-Created Videos

Olivia Nelson
PD Specialist

Our Ultimate Student Engagement ebook was written by educators for educators to empower teachers, students and even families to have the best classroom experience possible with the help of video!

Get tips on driving engagement with instructional videos while also learning ways to improve family engagement and how student-created videos can improve educational outcomes. 

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Download the full ebook below and read on to get just a few of the amazing ideas that you’ll find inside. ⬇️

Video Discussion Board 

Online discussion boards are a great tool for student engagement, but why not create an even more exciting way for students to engage in discussion? Have students respond to a question in video and allow students to view and respond to one another by leaving comments. Bonus: Students can create video responses and paste the link in the comments. Watch to learn more

Book Reviews 

Finding a good book to read can be a tough task for all of us. Allow students to help each other out by creating a book review library. Students can use Screencastify to create video book reviews. Then you can organize their videos in a Google Drive folder and students can use it as a starting point when looking for a new book to read. Click here to learn more

Pronunciation/Oral Language Exercises 

Students are constantly learning to both read and pronounce new words. You can use video for general phonics instruction or to demonstrate the pronunciation of new vocabulary for students. With Screencastify, you can even include a webcam recording so that students can both see and hear you pronounce the new words.


Enrichment/Extension Activities 

Students that master material more quickly than others can stay engaged with enrichment and extension activities. Building on their curiosity, they can further explore the world around them through video. Students can create advertisements, record research, or even create animation related to the content of their lessons. Then, they can build portfolios of their digital projects.


Build Communication Muscles by Dubbing Videos 

Students can practice important story-telling and communication skills by creating dubbed videos. Using Screencastify, students can flex those muscles by recording their own audio narration over a video or image. Create a slide presentation or mute the sound on a video and include the sound from your microphone. Click here to learn more

Group or Whole-Class Projects with Screencastify Edit 

Students can get creative with their video skills. Then you can use Screencastify Edit to combine students’ work into a larger group or whole-class project. This is great for student presentations, debates, and even class yearbooks.

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Olivia Nelson
PD Specialist

Former elementary school teacher helping educators use video to enhance the learning experience.