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May 8, 2020

New! Upload Your Screencastify Videos to Remind

Nefertiti Dukes
Professional Development Manager

Since January, we've spoken to hundreds of teachers across the world. Regardless of language, country, or school setting, one challenge has been persistent - reaching students and parents digitally.

Today, we're excited to announce that Screencastify videos can be uploaded to Remind in a single click.

👉To get started, check out this step-by-step guide.👈

We think this integration will make it easier than ever to share videos with your kiddos and your brand new co-teachers (aka their parents). It's as simple as creating a Screencastify video and then using Remind to share it with the devices your audience already has handy - their cell phones.

If you're looking for ways to use this new integration, check out a few ideas below:

👨‍🏫 Share a Lesson

In many ways, the abrupt shift to remote learning has highlighted the digital divide. Creating mobile-device friendly assignments is one way to reach more students. Luckily, this new integration makes that possible. Start by creating a Screencastify video that provides instructions for completing assignments. Then, click our shiny new “Share to Remind” button to send a text or email to your students. They’ll be able to get started in seconds.

📱 Check-In with Families

Remind makes it easy to enable two-way communication without the hassle of sharing your personal information. If you're hoping to send a quick video to encourage your students and their parents, this integration makes it even easier. The best part: they’ll be able to respond to let you know what they think.

😊 Easily Check Engagement

If you're teaching asynchronously, it can be hard to keep track of who completed which assignments and when. Sharing your Screencastify videos to Remind makes it easy to stay on top of things with read receipts and emoji reactions. Simply ask students and/or parents to react when they've viewed the video. Now, you’ve got a new fun way to monitor engagement.

Of course, there are a million ways to use this new integration to reach everyone while schools are closed. Let us know what you come up with on Twitter!

Nefertiti Dukes
Professional Development Manager

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