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Apr 17, 2024

Introducing Screencastify’s Premium Library!

Kay-Anne Reed
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

We're thrilled to announce an exciting addition to Screencastify that will give you another easy way to create engaging educational video lessons and assignments. Now available in beta for Education users on Pro and School or District plans, our new feature enables teachers to turn any video from YouTube for Education into an interactive video lesson or assignment.

Our Premium Library, paired with our recent updates to Interactive Questions, makes creating video lessons and assessments faster and easier than ever.

Turn YouTube for Education videos into lessons and assignments

Now, you can easily create interactive video lessons and assignments using videos from YouTube for Education, all within Screencastify.

👉 Watch a demo of the new features here! 👈

Here's how to use Screencastify's Premium Library to create more engaging, interactive learning experiences:

  • 📹 Choose a video from YouTube for Education in the new Premium Library
    • Access videos from YouTube for Education (and in the future—other trusted content providers!) directly inside Screencastify
    • Browse or search videos covering various subjects and grade levels, right inside Screencastify
    • Filter by grade level and subject to find the videos right for you
  • ✂️  Easily turn it into an assignment by trimming, adding questions, and sharing from Screencastify
    • Trim videos to start and end at the relevant points
    • Add short answer or multiple choice questions at the relevant timestamps
    • Share the Screencastify link for students to experience the video in an interactive, ad-safe, trackable way
  • 👀 Track student engagement and understanding with analytics
    • See who's watched the video and understand how your students are engaging with the content
    • Sort responses by question or student to gauge student or class comprehension
    • Grade responses and assess student understanding

Share YouTube videos in a safe, ad-free, interactive way

Screencastify's Premium Library allows teachers to share relevant content from YouTube for Education with their students, worry-free. Share only the relevant parts of the video without fear of students experiencing an irrelevant or unsafe ad. Plus, add questions students can't skip to ensure students fully engage with the video.

Bring more diverse voices into the classroom and deepen student understanding

Teachers can now leverage an enormous library of videos from YouTube for Education in their lessons and assignments, allowing them to highlight diverse ways of thinking through problems and understanding concepts.

The Premium Library also empowers teachers to streamline content creation while embracing diversity in the classroom. The ability to leverage a large library of videos from YouTube for Education helps save time in creating lessons. It also brings diverse voices and explanations of concepts into the classroom, enriching the student experience and deepening student understanding.

By incorporating a variety of content from YouTube for Education alongside original teacher-created content, educators can support different student learning styles and make assignments more engaging for students. With such an enormous library of video content now available in the Premium Library and Screencastify's existing Interactive Questions features, it's easy to spark student curiosity and inspire students to engage with new ideas.

Try Screencastify's Premium Library today!

Ready to give it a try? Creating your first interactive YouTube video in Screencastify is just a few clicks away. Now available in beta to our Education users on Pro and School/District plans, purchase a Pro plan or get in touch to get access. Let's make teaching and learning more fun, interactive, and engaging together!

Kay-Anne Reed
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

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