Ready to Share Screencastify?

Teachers across the country are spreading the magic created with Screencastify. EdCamps, professional development sessions, and conferences are filled with educators speaking candidly about the success they have enjoyed as a result of Screencastify’s simplicity. We cannot thank educators enough for their contributions to our extension. Screencastify would not be what it is today without your help!

If you’re planning on presenting Screencastify, we want to be a resource for you. We’ve got some amazing content but we know that your experience with the extension will add so much more. As you present, you may find these resources helpful.

  • Check out our Google Slides presentation specially formulated to help you highlight Screencastify. Feel free to make a copy of the presentation and make it your own!
  • Our Twitter includes quick testimony from teachers like you.
  • Our free eBook has tons of ways you can use Screencastify in all subjects.
  • The Master Screencaster course taught by J. Matt Miller helps teachers harness Screencastify’s full potential.
  • Our Classroom Video Ideas page includes even more ideas for implementation.

If you have some time before you present, we’d love to send out some snazzy Screencastify swag. Tell us a bit more about your event here.