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A free 45-minute certification course taught by Alice Keeler, packed with ways to marry Google Apps with Screencastify.

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What you'll learn:

Segment 1: Planning a Lesson. 5 videos, 8 minutes.
An overview of how Screencastify, Google Keep, and Google Docs can help you collaboratively plan and gather resources for an amazing lesson.
Segment 2: Implementing a Lesson. 5 videos, 7 minutes.
Learn how Alice uses Screencastify and Google Classroom to maximize instructional time, encourage her students, and build student capacity.
Segment 3: Creating Learning Experiences. 8 videos, 11 minutes.
A few examples that highlight how students can use Screencastify along with G Tools like Google Slides to reach a deeper understanding of course material.
Segment 4: Providing Feedback. 4 videos, 5 minutes.
Alice will explain a few impactful ways to provide student feedback in Google Classroom and Google Slides.
Segment 5: Assessment. 5 videos, 8 minutes.
Alice will describe a few ways to make assessments a learning opportunity. With Screencastify and Google Forms, students can demonstrate their knowledge beyond the boring multiple choice exam.
Segment 6: Reflecting on a Lesson. 4 videos, 3 minutes.
Explore a few ways to use Screencastify and Google Classroom to reflect and improve.

What you'll get:

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Certificate of completion.
Earn a personalized certificate that confirms your mastery of using Google Apps with Screencastify.
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Perpetual access to course videos.
Even after you finish the course, its videos and resources will remain available to you.
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An exclusive badge.
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About the Instructor

Alice Keeler is a teacher, mom of 5, author, and EdTech expert. Since 1999, Alice has taught high school math. She’s always on the lookout for ways to purposefully infuse technology in her classes. Alice is a Google Certified Innovator, the founder of CoffeeEDU, and she holds a Masters in Educational Media Design. If you’d like to read more from her, you can find her blog at