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May 31, 2023

Quick Tip: Use Video to Create Announcements!

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Summer is quickly approaching, and that means there is plenty to shout about! Graduation congratulations, finals reviews, and other end-of-year announcements are top of mind to close out the school year. And as we see each year, video is the chosen method to spread the positivity.

In fact, one of the most frequent uses for Screencastify that we hear from educators year-round is using video to create recorded announcements to share with students and other staff members.

Video for daily, weekly, or monthly announcements! 📢

Many classrooms and entire schools have a regular cadence for communicating announcements.

Whether your classroom or school does daily announcements, weekly or monthly newsletters, or something else entirely, consider using video to add visual engagement to any announcement!

Use a webcam recording to talk directly to your audience – community members, families, or staff – and share it in the same way you always have! If your audience is accustomed to accessing this communication on the web, you can easily share via email or use the share link. 

You can even customize your audience so that only people within a certain domain can access your videos. For example, you could choose to have only teachers (not parents or families) access a particular video communication.

If your audience usually receives communication in a physical format, you can use a QR code and share a video on a printed newsletter or announcement as well! Watch the video for more on creating QR codes!

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More announcement ideas💡

• Monday messages

• Finals reviews

• End of the year reviews

• Morning announcements

• Senior announcements

• Parent communication messages

Start creating announcements today!

While creating announcements is powerful, there are limitless ways that you can use video in the classroom! Install Screencastify on Chrome to create shout-outs while improving learning outcomes at your school today!

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