New Editor Features: September 2018

We are so excited to announce the Beta version of our Video Editor. As is typical of Screencastify, the editor is incredibly easy to use. Luckily, it’s also super powerful. Take a look below to see everything you can do with the video editor.

Mix and Merge Videos


Add as many videos as you’d like to the editor. If you’re adding through Google Drive, you can even add multiple videos at once. The size, format, or frame rate is irrelevant. So, go crazy: mix in Screencastify videos, music videos, or whatever else you’d like.

Slice and Dice


Cut, crop, and trim clips. So, record in any order you want and go back and edit to make it perfect. If you’ve got something undesirable on the corner of your screen – fret not, you can crop that out.

Edit anywhere


Since the editor lives online, you can pick up your projects on any computer running Chrome. The computer doesn’t even need to have our extension.

Save to Google Drive


Once you’re done, download the saved video to your Google Drive. From there, you can share your foray into video production with everyone you know.

Ready to use the video editor? Check it out here.