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Feb 21, 2024

Empowering Education: Screencastify Partners with ABCTeach to Transform Learning Experiences

Screencastify Squad

Screencastify has long been committed to empowering educators and students with the latest advancements in educational technology. To better provide classrooms with innovative ways to create, edit, and share educational content seamlessly, we’ve partnered with ABCTeach, one of the premier educational content resource platforms for educators all over the world. 

ABCTeach has a vast network of educators who rely on its high-quality teaching materials, and who continually seek ways to enhance the learning experience for their students. Through this partnership, educators using ABCTeach will receive a special three-month trial of Screencastify Pro, which allows them to explore the full range of features and functions we have to offer. From creating engaging video lessons that incorporate the multitude of resources ABCTeach offers, to providing personalized feedback, Screencastify Pro empowers educators to take their teaching to new heights.

Screencastify and ABCTeach share a common goal of empowering classrooms by equipping educators with the necessary tools and resources to enhance learning outcomes. Together, we aspire to cultivate an educational ecosystem where teachers seamlessly integrate technology into their teaching methodologies, ultimately elevating the overall educational experience for students.

By leveraging ABCTeach's extensive repository of educational resources alongside Screencastify's user-friendly platform we are making a significant stride toward providing educators with a comprehensive solution for streamlined content creation and delivery. This collaboration addresses the evolving role of technology in education and serves as a crucial bridge between traditional teaching methods and modern, tech-enabled learning experiences.

Stay tuned for more content and collaboration with ABCTeach!

Screencastify Squad

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