Classroom stories

Tiny true tales about teachers who are using Screencastify to improve learning.

Heather Esposito
English Teacher
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Last year, Mrs. Esposito realized that her high school students' reading fluency had a critical need for improvement. But how could she get a group of 16-year-olds excited about reading aloud? That was the million dollar question.

After some trial and error, she turned to Screencastify. To begin, Mrs. Esposito started creating simple videos of herself reading the class material. Students quickly reported back that these videos gave them an opportunity to understand the readings in a deeper way.

Soon, students in Mrs. Esposito's class were using Screencastify to record their own videos. Since Screencastify videos are automatically saved to Google Drive, students were able to view their videos over time and see their progress.

With Screencastify, Mrs. Esposito was able to turn a pretty dreaded task -- reading out loud -- into something her students looked forward to. At the end of the year, it was evident that reading comprehension and fluency had improved dramatically.

James Caudill
History Teacher
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Mr. Caudill teaches AP World History: a subject that spans over 10,000 years. So it's safe to say that he has quite a bit to cover every year.

At first, Mr. Caudill ran his classroom in a typical fashion. At the beginning of the period, there was whole-group instruction that eventually led to students working independently. But he quickly noticed that this method wouldn’t allow him to cover everything he needed to.

Slowly, Mr. Caudill began flipping his classroom with Screencastify. He created short videos for students to watch at home. This dramatically reduced the time needed for lectures at the beginning the class period. In its place, Mr. Caudill was able to facilitate rich class discussions and learning experiences that better engaged his students.

By the end of the year, his students had a playlist of short, informative videos that really came in handy when studying for the AP exam. What's more, they felt naturally more comfortable with the material since they had time to create, instead of passively listening, during class time.

Kevin Cline
Social Studies Teacher
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Last year, Mr. Cline began working at the Dwight Global Online School. His new students were actors, world-class athletes, and musicians located all across the country. Faced with this new challenge, Mr. Cline began searching for ways to connect with his students without having the luxury of meeting them in person.

One day, Mr. Cline came up with the idea to record portions of his lessons with Screencastify. He quickly found that even complex concepts (like federal bureaucracy, for example) were more easily explained with a recording. After watching these videos, Mr. Cline's students frequently commented on how easy it was to digest the material when they could hear it explained by their teacher (and could rewatch the videos on-demand).

Next, Mr. Cline upped the ante and started answering student questions with videos. When his students found time in their demanding schedules, they could see and hear their teacher answer questions formerly handled by emails. Students who had spent years immersed in online learning counted Kevin’s class amongst their most personal.

With Screencastify, Kevin was able to connect with his students despite never being in the same room as them.

Meredith Schnick
Technology Coordinator
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Two years ago, Mrs. Schnick's school adopted a 1-to-1 Chromebook program. As the Technology Coordinator, she was tasked with working with teachers who had varying degrees of technology experience.

Mrs. Schnick quickly realized that there was no way she'd be able to support all of her teachers in person. Teachers had many different questions about the many new tools they were being exposed to, and they often needed her help at the same time.

Last year, Mrs. Schnick started using Screencastify to answer common questions. When a teacher inquired about setting up a class in Google Classroom, she had the perfect screencast. When another teacher needed help getting students ready to use Google Slides, she had a different screencast ready to go.

When visting classrooms, Mrs. Schnick was able to model effective technology use instead of answering a bevy of questions. Plus, teachers were able to review her videos whenever they needed a refresher.

Screencastify helped Mrs. Schnick manage a large number of teachers as they adopted brand new technology.