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Engineering Manager


Over the past couple of months, the world has developed a new perspective on the power of video-based learning. We have seen an exponential increase in our products' usage and engagement, and our already-sky-high ambitions are now even higher. To achieve those ambitions, we need extraordinarily talented people like you. So we've accelerated our hiring plans across all departments.

While we'd love to meet you in person (and look forward to doing so one day soon!), we are prepared to conduct our entire interviewing and onboarding processes remotely.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions!

Imagine a product that reached millions of users without a single salesperson. That same product has been adopted by tens of thousands of schools, with limitless growth potential ahead. That's the opportunity at Screencastify — a massive market, incredibly engaged customer/fan base, and the chance to get in on the ground floor of it all.

Hi, we're Screencastify 👋

More than 12 million people use Screencastify every week (!!!) to record, edit and share all sorts of amazing videos. We like to think that we've democratized video creation by making it simpler and more affordable than ever before.

In K-12 classrooms around the world, teachers and students are using Screencastify to create instructional videos, record presentations, give better feedback, and much much more. Our free version is used in more than 70% of US school districts.

Life at Screencastify

Our small Chicago-based team includes a semi-pro volleyball player, champion debater, classically trained actor, elite runner, breakdancer, and avid baker 🍰

Our first ever holiday party (followed by karaoke, which was not pretty).
The team made sure we had a big presence at IdeaCon 2020!
Matt striking a pose with his beloved pup Bento 🍱
@NiftyNef sharing Screencastify tips in front of a packed house at TCEA 2020.
We may never know what Martin was up to in this photo.
Janelle outsourcing some dev work to her dog Maggie.
Packing and shipping hundreds of swag bags to educators around the country!
Our entry for an annual holiday door decoration competition.
We escaped with plenty of time to spare!
Cruising the Chicago river and cherishing the rare warm weather.

About the role

We built the simplest and most reliable screen recorder in the world, but that’s only the beginning. Our near future is full of ambitious new goals, features, and products that will enable us to further improve how we provide service to our users and accelerate our already fast growth.

We prioritize fast iteration without compromising quality, while maintaining an attention to detail that creates the kind of delightful interactions we’re known for. We’re looking for an experienced, compassionate, and thoughtful engineer to build effective tools for video in the classroom.

This role's mission is to lead squads of engineers to maintain a positive and productive workflow. You'll coordinate with product managers to set realistic squad outcomes, and work across squads to improve code quality, performance, and supportability.

In 30 days you will have:

  • Grown comfortable with the structure of our codebase and shipped a few simple features
  • Worked with product management to gain a clear picture of the short and medium term roadmap
  • Worked with our Director of Engineering and the other Engineering Managers to identify areas of opportunity to improve our engineering practices
  • Met with the Engineers on your squad to determine their working style as well as goals and outcomes for their careers

In 60 days you will have:

  • Built relationships with the Engineers in your squad so that you understand their strengths and weaknesses
  • Begun development of individual progression maps for Engineers in your squad based on your understanding of their personal goals
  • Assumed responsibility as the point person for the product team to interact with your squad
  • Directly led code reviews, and given specific coaching to Senior Engineers on how to more effectively review code
  • Regularly paired with the members of your squad and given specific coaching to your squad on how to best take advantage of pairing

In 90 days you will have:

  • Demonstrably increased the velocity and quality of output in your squad
  • Lead the development and successful release of at least one major product feature/initiative with your squad
  • Improved testability and reliability of your squads code through continual development of code review and pairing practices
  • Fostered curiosity and growth with the Engineers on your squad and begun to lead them through their progression map

Role requirements

  • Empathy and Compassion – You're invested in the wellbeing and growth of every member of your squad
  • Logical, Confident Decision-Making – You accurately weigh a variety of viewpoints and information to make clear choices for your squad
  • Teamwork and Mentorship – Success in this role requires you to be a great teacher and a great learner
  • Accountability and Responsibility – You are a resource and hub of information for your squad, your product, and the rest of the company
  • Excellent Written and Verbal Communication – You proactively identify and fill gaps in communication, both within the squad and in where your squad interacts across departments
  • Delegation of Work – You find ways for the Engineers on your squad to grow, excel, and work towards their strengths
  • Strong Technical Competency – Your sole focus in your work will not be writing code, but you will still be expected to regularly contribute and set an example with the quality of your code


  • Competitive compensation. We take a data-driven approach to our compensation strategy so all employees are paid competitively and equitably.
  • 401k plan. We want to invest in present you and future you, which is why we offer a generous 401k match with our 401k plan.
  • Minimum vacation policy. We recognize the importance of taking personal time off, and require our employees to take at least 15 vacation days per year. You’re also encouraged to take additional paid time off, as needed.
  • Parental leave. Generous paid time off for parents to bond with the newest addition to their family!
  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance. We cover 100% of employee medical premiums and 50% of employee dental & vision premiums. Plus, all employees receive a free One Medical membership.
  • Flexible work policy. Gone are the days of being in an office from 9-5, Monday through Friday. We recognize there are better ways to measure productivity than counting the number of hours you’re in the office and that sometimes the office isn’t the best place to be productive.
  • Professional development. Each department has a professional development budget and employees are encouraged to take workshops, attend webinars, join associations, and anything else that could help grow their careers. Did we also mention employees get free access to Udemy for Business?
  • Divvy bike membership. If you’re in Chicago, take advantage of an annual Divvy membership -- on us.

We highly encourage you to apply for this position, even if you feel you do not meet all the requirements. You do not need to fit this exact mold.

At Screencastify, we foster an inclusive, supportive, fun and challenging team environment. We value having a team that is made up of a diverse set of backgrounds and respect the healthy expression of diverse opinions. We embrace experimentation and the examination of all kinds of ideas through reasoning and testing. Come join us as we continue to change the world through video.

Screencastify is an equal opportunity employer.